Why Eating Out Gives FitMenCook's Kevin Curry Inspiration - Exclusive

When in doubt, eat out: That's a motto you may inevitably follow on the weekends. If you have takeout on Fridays, then you know exactly how it feels to order online or head out to a restaurant after a long week — or maybe you enjoy treating yourself to a happy hour and some appetizers after a long day. Whichever route you prefer, there are so many restaurants and types of foods to choose from. That's precisely the reason why Kevin Curry, creator of Fit Men Cook, decides to eat out often.

In an exclusive interview with Mashed, Curry explained the pitfalls of the wellness community as he opened up about his past eating habits. The content creator is known for his recipe videos online, with his most recent cookbook featuring over 100 meal prep recipes. Curry told Mashed that the inspiration for these postable recipes comes largely from eating out. That's good news for his followers — who needs to come up with recipes when you have restaurants and Kevin Curry? He shared why grabbing a bite to eat is so inspiring to him.

Curry enjoys remaking recipes to fit his meal prep

Kevin Curry revealed that his wellness journey wasn't easy at first. He said, "A lot of people within the wellness community, especially those who have lost a whole bunch of weight, they have a lot of anxiety about eating. I was one of those people too." The food blogger eventually realized that one meal "that's not completely stripped down" can still fit in with his goals rather than derail them completely. As Curry "learned to drop that guard," he started to eat out more, which gave him more recipe ideas.

"Eating out gives me inspiration, being like, 'Hey, this would be dope. You know, this Pad Thai is pretty good. I wonder how I can remake it, cut the calories with it, but still get the essence so I can put it into my meal prep,'" he said. Remaking delicious food is genius in itself, and it provides more available options for any of his followers who are also trying to maintain a healthy diet.

The Instagram influencer has now put his recipes into practice with his recent Home Chef partnership. This collaboration highlights meal kits that allow for exploring new ingredients and flavors in the easiest way (via a press release sent to Mashed). If you aren't convinced to check out his recipes yet, then just read these three words: stuffed chicken parmesan.

Head to Home Chef's website to learn more about their partnership with Kevin, or check out Kevin's Instagram page for more recipe and meal tips.