The Peanut Butter Cups That Aldi Fans Hate To Love

When you think of all that peanut butter can be eaten with, foods like PB&Js and banana sandwiches are likely the first things that come to mind. You might even reminisce over dipping apple slices in the nutty spread or drizzling the liquid version on an ice cream sundae. But there are some people that hear the words peanut butter and immediately think — Reese's.

Peanut butter and chocolate is a popular and sought-out combination (per Men's Health), and Aldi seems to be nailing it. Aldi's Choceur peanut butter cups seem to have an incredibly creamy peanut butter filling and might just be the perfect ratio of peanut butter to chocolate. In fact, the site ranks Aldi's peanut butter cups higher than the ones the market leader Reese's makes!

Perhaps this explains why Redditors are finding it hard to put down Aldi's bags of nutty chocolate cups. In a Reddit thread, shoppers begrudgingly confess that this is one sweet and salty snack that they hate to love. "I'm banned from buying them for my husband because he can't stop eating them. They don't last a week in my house," one user admits. Another comment even compares Aldi's version to Reese's, agreeing with Reader's Digest in that Aldi's cups are far smoother than its competitors.

The reason why people love peanut butter cups

Redditors joked in the r/aldi subreddit that Aldi's peanut butter cups are so good that it's hard to not empty the entire bag in one go. The OP captioned the thread "I hate you guys for this one," posting a photo of the peanut butter cups. One user replied, "Yeah, my diet sure hates these. But I love them."

If the comments in this post are any indication, Aldi's peanut butter cups are so good that shoppers are sharing tricks on how to not eat them all in one sitting. Popping the cups in the freezer, only eating them by the handful, and setting a daily limit are some tips shared by some seasoned peanut butter cup eaters.

Penn State University professor Gregory Ziegler suggests that there may be a logical explanation behind the obsession with peanut butter cups. In an interview with Mic, Ziegler says that chocolate and peanut butter is in fact a brilliant combination and it's all related to our taste buds and science. Not only does silky chocolate provide an appealing "dynamic sensory contrast" to crunchy peanut butter, but chocolate and peanuts both undergo the Maillard reaction, which enhances their flavors and makes them — quite scientifically — pretty darn irresistible.

Plus, the sweet and salty combination of chocolate and peanut butter is another contrast that the taste buds seem to love. So, about the Aldi peanut butter cups that you hate because you love them so much? Worry not, it's all just science.