Best Oven Mitts And Pot Holders In 2022

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Whether you're a professional chef or an amateur cook, all of us are susceptible to burns. That's why a good pair of oven mitts and pot holders are essential for every kitchen. Without them, we'd all be foolishly scorching off our fingerprints like lawless fugitives. Needless to say, it's really important to protect your arms, hands, and fingers from the heat — and the best way to do that is with a pair of mitts designed to protect your skin.

Oven mitts and pot holders are made from a variety of different materials and also come in an assortment of shapes and sizes. While cotton is soft on the skin and has great breathability, it's also not very effective at shielding heat. On the other hand, silicone tends to be heat resistant and waterproof, but the material is often stiff and rigid, which can slightly impair or restrict movement (via Caraway). 

Some mitts go all the way up to your elbows, others only cover your hands, and the interior lining can be virtually nonexistent or thick and protective. As you can see, there are plenty of variations in grip, size, and design to consider before you decide which oven mitts and pot holders will suit your specific needs. The good news is that we've done the work for you by selecting some of your best options on the market right now.

How we selected products

Several factors were considered in forming our recommendations. First and foremost, user reviews were closely analyzed to help determine which oven mitts and pot holders provide the best performance. Important features like durability, resistance to heat, and level of comfort were thoroughly explored to showcase only the most outstanding products. Another crucial element taken into consideration was affordability, and we feel confident that this list represents some of the best values out there.

Oven mitts tend to be used for long periods of time. Depending on your circumstances, there's a good chance that you're overdue for a replacement. Hear that incessant ringing? The trash can is calling and it's begging you to finally relinquish those funky old threadbare oven mitts of yours. The time has come. Do the right thing — show your hands some love by reading on to score yourself a fresh pair of much-needed oven mitts. Here are the best oven mitts and pot holders of 2022.

Best overall oven mitts and pot holders

It's easy to get paralyzed by the decision-making process. With so many deals out there, the hunt for a great pair of oven mitts and pot holders can be surprisingly challenging. The good news is that this set of oven mitts and pot holders from Redriver hits all the marks and should have just about everything you're looking for. This set comes with two oven mitts, two pot holders, and a couple of kitchen towels. 

At nearly 13 inches long, these oven mitts should cover about half of your forearms, guarding your skin from being burned. The lining inside the oven mitts is made from polyester cotton, which provides a great mixture of ventilation and comfort. Heat resistant up to 500 F, the exterior of these gloves is also imprinted with non-slip silicone to enhance grip and prevent dropping hot pans and pots. These mitts are safe for the washing machine and also easy to store, thanks to convenient hanging loops. There are also six colors to choose from so that you can match the style of your kitchen. At the end of the day, this is one of the most affordable and top-notch deals out there right now.

Purchase the Redriver oven mitts and pot holder set on Amazon for $20.

Best budget oven mitts and pot holders

Many new products tend to be expensive, but when it comes to oven mitts and pot holders, prices are often very affordable. The bottom line: Your budget doesn't have to be a barrier. There are plenty of fantastic deals out there that offer great quality for an affordable price. It's just a matter of taking the time to find them. Enter: the Kordova oven mitt and pot holder set.

This six-piece set includes a pair of oven mitts, two pot holders, and a couple of kitchen towels. The oven mitts have a thick lining of organic cotton that provides protection while also maximizing breathability. Oven safe up to 550 F, these oven mitts are crosshatched with BPA-free silicone to stabilize your grip. To further enhance your grasp and mobility, the pot holders even have miniature pockets in the corners. And couldn't everyone use another pair of kitchen towels? At only 14 bucks, there's no doubt that you'll be hard-pressed to find a new oven mitt and pot holder set with the same level of quality.

You can buy the Kordova oven mitts and pot holder set on Amazon for $17.98.

Best heat-resistant oven mitts and pot holders

At the end of the day, when it comes to oven mitts and pot holders, what really matters most is how well-protected your hands are. The entire purpose of these products is to safeguard your hands from coming into direct contact with hot surfaces and prevent you from burning yourself in the kitchen. Choosing a cheap or poorly-designed pair of oven mitts is not only a waste of your time and money, but also raises the possibility of injury due to a lack of heat resistance. Rest assured, this set of oven mitts and pot holders can keep you safe from high temperatures, being heat resistant all the way up to 600 F.

The exterior food-grade silicone provides protection from the heat and is also waterproof, making it easier to handle pots and pans filled with hot water from cooking things like pasta or hard-boiled eggs. The oven mitts are almost 12-inches long, provide excellent grip, and they're safe for the dishwasher. The potholders are beautifully designed with ornate geometric patterns that resemble mandalas or snowflakes. All in all, this set does a wonderful job protecting you from the heat in style.

Purchase the Domonic oven mitts and pot holder set on Amazon for $20.

Best grip oven mitts and pot holders

There's no doubt that one of the most important features for a product like this is its level of grip. Moving around hot cookware filled with food or boiling liquid can be very dangerous if you don't have a solid grasp. The good news is that this set of oven mitts from HOMWE are specially designed to give you impressive grip and flexibility.

With well over 17,000 positive reviews, these oven mitts are BPA-free, made with commercial grade silicone, and are heat resistant up to 450 F. The oven mitts have a textured non-slip grip that's durable and effective while still being malleable enough to easily maneuver your hands around cookware for a sturdy, confident grasp. The interior lining of the oven mitts is made with a blend of cotton that's soft on the skin and very comfortable. That's what makes these oven mitts exceptional: they provide the perfect balance between firmness and flexibility so that you can safely and securely grip your cookware.

You can buy the HOMWE oven mitts and pot holders set on Amazon for $20.

Best cotton oven mitts and pot holders

Cotton has its advantages. For one, cotton offers your hands more mobility because the fabric is more flexible than silicone (via Caraway). But there's also another benefit that especially comes in handy when you're cooking in a hot kitchen: breathability. Cotton is tremendously effective at absorbing moisture on the skin. In fact, cotton can absorb nearly 27 times its own weight in water (via Sciencing).

This set of oven mitts and pot holders from QUILTINA are made from 100% recycled cotton. Amazingly, even though these oven mitts are made with cotton, the material is still thick enough to protect your hands from heat of up to 500 F. Thirteen inches long, these oven mitts provide ample protection from hot surfaces. These oven mitts and pot holders are water resistant, machine washable, non-slip, and reasonably priced. All things considered, this set of cotton oven mitts and pot holders by QUILTINA is a great deal by just about every measure.

Purchase the QUILTINA oven mitt and pot holder set from Amazon for $20.

Best five-fingered oven mitts

Many oven mitts have a textured grip to prevent slippage. The problem is that the design often restricts and compresses your fingers into a paddle-like shape, which constrains movement. Having five-fingered mitts can free your hands in a way that allows more natural and fluid motion, which makes maneuvering cookware much easier. This pair of five-fingered oven mitts by GEEKHOM are comfortable, efficient, and empower you to navigate hot cookware with ultimate dexterity.

Heat resistant up to nearly 450 F, these oven mitts also have a textured surface that provides excellent grippage. At 14-inches long, they should also safeguard your arms from the heat and potentially painful splatters. The interior of these mitts is lined with soft cotton to maximize your comfort in the kitchen. As if all of these features weren't enticing enough, GEEKHOM offers a "no questions asked" money back guarantee if you aren't happy with the purchase. But with over 16,000 positive reviews from plenty of satisfied customers, you'll more than likely want to hang on to these.

You can buy the GEEKHOM five-fingered oven mitts on Amazon for $19.57.

Best professional oven mitts

Professional cooks and chefs need a pair of oven mitts they can count on. Pulling hot cookware out ovens and steamers all day can take a toll on oven mitts, so it's important to have a pair that can withstand constant use and exposure to heat. The good news is that this pair of extra long silicone oven mitts by DoMii are designed to endure.

Made with commercial-grade silicone that's BPA-free, these oven mitts are filled with a cotton lining to delicately cushion your skin. At over 19-inches long, these oven mitts are sure to cover most of your arms for thorough protection. With an outer shell that's resistant to heat up to 460 F, these oven mitts are perfect for baking or barbecuing. Conveniently, these oven mitts are also machine washable and have hanging hooks, making them very easy to clean and store. Between the non-slip grip, durable material, and extra arm coverage, what's not to love?

Purchase the DoMii commercial grade oven mitts on Amazon for $24.

Best heavy-duty oven mitts

Everyone knows that a good set of oven mitts should be able to take a beating. The question is: How much are they designed to endure? If you need a serious pair of oven mitts, then you're in luck: This set of heavy-duty oven mitts by MOAMI is extra resilient and constructed to withstand even the most extreme of conditions.

Because these mitts are designed to resist heat from temperatures of over 900 F, they are ideal for anyone who cooks with pizza ovens or works over an open fire. The exterior of the mitts is layered with strips of silicone to provide a solid grip and extra protection. These mitts are also cut-resistant, which means that you don't have to worry about any sharp objects getting in the way and resulting in a kitchen injury. The separate compartments for fingers in the mitts allow extra flexibility and movement. Even though these mitts are made with durable material, they still provide excellent breathability thanks to the polyester cotton lining inside. If you tend to cook under intense conditions, these mitts were made with you in mind.

You can buy the MOAMI heavy-duty oven mitts on Amazon for $15.19.

Best extra long oven mitts

Ultimately, the main goal of oven mitts is to prevent you from being burned. Unfortunately, many oven mitts fall short of covering up most of your arms, leaving lots of skin uncovered and vulnerable to burns from coming into contact with hot surfaces or steam. This set of extra long oven mitts from EFAGL was designed to solve this problem by providing you with nearly 20-inches of protection.

Because these gloves are extra long, they are ideal for restaurants and bakeries with chefs who frequently pull hot cookware from the depths of the oven. These mitts can efficiently resist water, steam, and heat up to 464 F. The cotton lining inside of these mitts is soft and comfortable and they are also easy to clean, since they are safe for the dishwasher. The five-fingered design profoundly enhances mobility that will allow you more range of motion in your hands, helping you to grip cookware with a more solid grasp. The bottom line: This pair of extra long oven mitts are an all-around great deal for anyone who repeatedly reaches into the blazing depths of an oven.

Purchase the EFAGL extra long oven mitts on Amazon for $25.

Best mini oven mitts and potholders

Different cooking habits call for different gear. If you aren't constantly reaching deep into an oven, then an extra long pair of mitts may not be completely necessary. Maybe you just need some mini oven mitts to quickly move around some smaller cookware from place to place in the kitchen. This set of mini oven mitts and potholders from Shujah also comes with a longer pair of mitts too, so that all of your bases are totally covered.

All in all, this set comes with a pair of mini oven mitts, a pair of longer oven mitts, three pot holders, and a silicone brush. Capable of resisting the heat from temperatures up to 500 F, these oven mitts are made with extra thick silicone for a deeper layer of protection. The mini oven mitts are only 4-inches long, making them compact enough for efficient storage in just about any kitchen. BPA-free and machine washable, this set of mini oven mitts and pot holders provide a range of coverage that's bound to suit any of your protective needs in the kitchen.

You can buy the Shujah oven mitt and potholder set on Amazon for $27.

Best silicone oven mitts and pot holders

There's a reason that silicone is such a highly-used material. According to Chemical Safety Facts, silicone is a versatile material that offers excellent resistance to moisture, heat, cold, and oils across a wide range of industries including transportation, health care, and construction. Silicone's impressive ability to endure constant exposure to changing conditions is what makes it so useful when it takes the form of oven mitts and pot holders.

This set of oven mitts and pot holders from Senday are made with non-toxic, food-grade silicone. Heat resistant up to 550 F, they measure 15-inches long to ensure that most of your forearms are shielded from direct exposure to heat. They are also waterproof, making them an ideal set of mitts to use when you want to safely handle any dishes that are boiling or poaching on the stove. The textured silicone on the exterior of the mitts was specifically designed to optimize your grip with a unique geometric pattern. They also happen to come in four different colors. With over a thousand positive reviews, it's clear this deal is a real crowd-pleaser.

Purchase the Senday oven mitts and pot holder set on Amazon for $19.

Best neoprene oven mitts and pot holders

Even though silicone is commonly used, the reality is that neoprene is far superior when it comes to one crucial quality: flexibility (via Kitchen Seer). Because neoprene is a fabric made from synthetic rubber, it has an inherent elasticity that allows it to stretch extremely well. But this set of neoprene oven mitts and pot holders from Cuisinart has a lot more to offer than just flexibility.

Despite the fact that these oven mitts and pot holders aren't made from silicone, neoprene is still very heat resistant: These oven mitts and pot holders are safe to use up to 400 F. The lower end of these oven mitts is made from cotton to provide air circulation around your wrists, while the neoprene material on the exterior of the hands helps establish a hardy grip. On the interior, these mitts are lined with soft cotton to boost insulation and comfort. Simple yet stylish, this set of oven mitts and pot holders strikes a great balance between the comfort of flexibility and the protection of firmness. There's no doubt that this deal is a solid score for a very affordable price.

You can buy the Cuisinart oven mitts and pot holders set from Amazon for $13.29.