Trevor Carlson

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University Of Central Florida
American Cuisine, Recipes, Food Tips, Restaurant Reviews
  • Trevor has been writing about the food industry for over 10 years.
  • He's previously worked in professional kitchens, public and private educational facilities, and has developed content in the fields of food marketing and technical writing.
  • He has published food pieces for The HOTH on numerous websites and in The Central Florida Future, an Orlando-based newspaper.


Trevor is a native Floridian and learned how to cook during childhood primitive camping trips. He has been working in kitchens and classrooms all around the globe for over a decade. During his time abroad as an English instructor, Trevor ate around the alleys and markets of East Asia, hiked mountains, explored Buddhist temples, and ignited a deeper love and appreciation for Korean and Japanese cuisine. In South Korea, Trevor developed a successful cooking course to help children learn basic cooking skills, expand their English vocabulary, and discover the diversity of American food culture. After he returned to the United States, Trevor trained to become a reading clinician and created treatment plans for children with learning disabilities in the public school system and also worked as a chef and recipe developer for New Seasons Market in Portland, Oregon. Trevor views cooking for others and sharing food as acts of peace that make the world a better place.


Trevor has a bachelor's degree in English Creative Writing from the University of Central Florida. He organized and led creative writing workshops throughout his degree program at the university. He kept the lights on during college by working as a line cook in Orlando. He was a contributing writer for his college newspaper and was an intern for the widely-circulated literary magazine, The Florida Review. For several years, Trevor worked as a writing instructor for international college-bound students at ELS, a private language program within the Florida Institute of Technology campus in Melbourne, Florida. Trevor is also a certified meditation and mindfulness teacher through the International Mindfulness and Meditation Alliance.
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