Crumbl Cookies' New Lineup Will Have You In Vacation Mode

When the words summer vacation come to mind, what do you think of? While many may recall images of the pool, true foodies can sense the taste of ice cream and coconut cake on their tongues. And plenty of brands gear up each year to provide food lovers with the tastes of summer they can't stop craving.

This summer season's treats have included Oreo's three-flavor stacked Neapolitan ice cream cookies and Wendy's strawberry-inspired frosty. Not to be left out, Crumbl Cookies has now added its own lineup of summer vacay-influenced treats for people to munch on as they get into the sunny spirit.

However, the cookie company's release of a batch of summer-inspired cookies was more than likely expected by its fans. According to a Twitter post from the brand, Crumbl Cookies brought cookie lovers a brownie sundae-flavored desert last year in honor of the season. But, while Crumbl Cookies looked to one of the summer's most adored treats for its 2021 seasonal snack inspiration, this year's summer cookies seem to take all of their cues from the beach.

Crumbl Cookies' 4 new vacation-inspired flavors

Crumbl Cookies announced on its Instagram that this week's cookie menu has four beach-fun-inspired flavors. The treats include Sea Salt Toffee, a returning favorite that is a combination of toffee and milk chocolate chips dusted with sea salt; Pineapple Upside Down Cake, a new addition to the company's cookie family that is a yellow cake cookie topped with a caramelized pineapple ring; Coconut Cake, another new addition that consists of a coconut cookie with coconut frosting; and, just in time for Discovery's Shark Week, Sugar (Shark), a vanilla cookie topped with a creamy swirl of blue vanilla frosting and a gummy shark that is the perfect snack to pair with Sonic's Shark Attack Slushy. Crumbl Cookies also announced that two of its classic cookie flavors β€” macadamia nut and milk chocolate chip β€” would round out this week's menu.

Judging by the post's comments, cookie lovers are clearly ready to dive into Crumbl Cookies' summer menu. One user wrote, "THE HAPPINESS THAT JUST WENT THROUGH MY BODY WHILE READING THIS LINEUP😍πŸ₯²πŸ˜©." Another posted, "NEED TO TRY 🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍."Β 

While this week's cookie menu seems to be a hit with fans, these treats will more than likely only be available for a limited time. As always, Crumbl Cookies will switch out its cookie menu again next week, and these seasonal cookies are likely to disappear.