Aldi's Little Miss Memes Are Too Real For Instagram

Little Miss and Mr. Men memes have been taking the internet by storm recently with social media users amending the graphics to fit their own personalities. According to Know Your Meme, the creative memes are based on the iconic children's picture book series by Roger Hargreaves which includes titles like "Little Miss Sunshine," "Little Miss Bossy," and "Little Miss Helpful" (via Goodreads).

The recreations of the graphics are known as "Little Miss Parodies," and it seems as if even celebrities are jumping on the "Little Miss" bandwagon, including Reese Witherspoon who created and posted on Instagram "Little Miss Uses Legal Jargon in Everyday Life," a nod to her role as Elle Woods in the film "Legally Blonde" and the band Spin Doctors who created and shared on Twitter "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong," an ode to their hit song. McDonald's also chimed in with its own series on Instagram, including "Little Miss Steal Your Fries."

Grocery giants have even jumped on the "Little Miss" bandwagon, with Instagram user @targetsdollarspot creating a tribute to Target shopping with their "Little Miss Compulsive Target Run." Perhaps some of the most creative "Little Miss" memes, however, come directly from Aldi's official Instagram account.

Aldi's Little Miss and Mr. Men memes are seriously relatable

Aldi put together a collection of 10 awesome "Little Miss" and "Mr. Men" memes that celebrate the idiosyncrasies of Aldi shopping and shared them on its Instagram account with the caption, "Guilty! [face covering emoji] Which one are you? #LittleMiss." Some of the creative emojis include "Little Miss 'I Don't Need A Cart'" featuring a Little Miss with arms overflowing with groceries; "Mr. 'We Can Do It In One Trip'" with a Mr. holding several Aldi bags; and "Little Miss 'Forgets Her Quarter'" featuring a distraught looking Little Miss next to a row of shopping carts.

Aldi shoppers shared how relatable the memes are in the comments. One Instagrammer wrote "I'm a lot of them" with a crying laughing emoji while another chimed in with three crying laughing emoji and the comment "little ms forgets her quarter here." Another user came up with their own "Little Miss" meme to add to the mix, sharing how content they are at Aldi, writing, "Little Miss Happy Place!"