Sam's Club Welcomed Back Its Huge Container Of Reese's Cups

When October 31 nears, there are a few signs that the season's wicked fun has started. Spirit Halloween appears in every vacant store lot, Pillsbury's pumpkin sugar cookies return to Walmart's refrigerator section, and Sam's Club starts selling containers of peanut butter cups so large that, at a little over 12 lbs, are about the same weight as some small dog breeds (per American Kennel Club). That's right, the huge containers filled with individual Reese's cups that Sam's Club first started selling last year are back yet again to the delight and fascination of candy fans everywhere.

To Sam's Club's credit, Business Insider reported that Reese's Cups are among the most sought-after candies to hand out to trick-or-treaters. Even when not accounting for Halloween, Statista noted that around 15.93 people in the U.S. devoured "5 or more servings in 2020" of the chocolate treat. So if Sam's Club had its heart set on selling a mind-boggling amount of one kind of candy, Reese's cups definitely seems to be a winning choice. But if you still don't believe that the bulk container is as big as we claim it is, we're going to break down the numbers on just how gigantic this container of candy is.

Sam's Club bulk Reese's cups containers are back and just as big as you remember

Sam's Club is no stranger to selling products in bulk. However, for insight into just how unusually big these bulk Reese's cups containers are, let's compare the recently-returned candy product to the grocery store chain's Reese's cups candy bar box. According to Sam's Club's website, the Reese's candy bar box comes with 36 full-sized Reese's treats. However, Delish reported Sam's Club's bulk container of Reese's offers shoppers 375 individually wrapped peanut butter cups — the same astounding amount sold in the container when it debuted last year.

Just like last season, this fall's bulk size container of Reese's Cups will also be sold for a limited time. However, that's where the similarities between the 2022 edition of Reese's-zilla and its 2021 incarnation end. It seems that the nation's increasing food prices have also affected the cost of this seasonal Sam's Club product. According to Delish, last year's bulk Reese's cup container came in at around $48. This year, as reported by Taste of Home, those hoping to delight trick-or-treaters with a seemingly endless amount of peanut butter cups will have to fork out nearly $53 to get their hands on the impressively large product.