This Massive Container Of Reese's Cups At Sam's Club Is Turning Heads

Hold on, Halloween, Sam's Club is selling your trick-or-treating solution a few months early. Recently seen at Sam's Club for a very affordable $47.98 is an absolutely enormous bucket of those delicious and delightful Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (via Best Products). Hungry parents no longer need to steal these high-end morsels through the "Switch Witch" or a candy tax as this bucket is peanut butter cups ONLY. For those who like to crunch the numbers, you get 12 pounds and 14.8 ounces of candy for a total of 375 peanut butter cups.

These are the traditional flavor, not with added crunchy or crispy ingredients or different flavors. At about $0.13 per cup, that's still a pretty good deal.

If you need to buy some extra time to finish the bucket, it's suggested that you try freezing these single cups and eating them cold. That said, we haven't really found a WRONG way to eat a Reese's yet. It all really amounts to deliciousness.

A candy bucket so big it comes with a safety warning

If you spy the back of this bucket, you'll notice a warning label not usually found on candies. To give you an idea of the size of this plastic peanut butter paradise, we need to share the warning, "Children can fall into bucket and drown. Keep children away from bucket with even a small amount of liquid" (via Sam's Club). Sam's Club is essentially selling a child-sized bucket of peanut butter cups. 

If the warnings don't get you, the calorie counts just might. Each serving size is 2 pieces at a total of 160 calories per serving. Not too bad, but there are 189 servings in the bucket. Some quick math tells us this is around 30,240 calories of candy. Delicious and clearly a bit dangerous if you ask us. Risks aside, this is a fantastic value and definitely one to add to your party-planning list.