The Popular Fast-Food Menu Item Arby's Is Finally Offering

While some of the most popular Arby's menu items include its beef and cheddar sandwich, curly fries, milkshakes, and mozzarella sticks, Arby's offers far more that just those items. According to Arby's website, the chain also serves gyros, French dip sandwiches, chicken tenders, various lunch meat sandwiches, wraps, sliders, mac 'n cheese, and jalapeno bites.

Of course, over the years, many menu items have come and gone, and some are only available in certain locations. Some of the most unique meats to be served at Arby's include venison and elk, but only in certain states. Per Eat This, Not That!, Arby's also briefly served pizza sliders and loaded curly fries, both of which were beloved by many customers.

However sad it may be to see some of these menu items disappear, we still have the classics, and Arby's still periodically blesses us with new items. In fact, the latest additions to the menu may just make up for all the menu items we've lost. 

Arby's celebrates summer with seafood offerings

You know how Arby's claims to have the meats? Well, the chain certainly does. In addition to chicken, turkey, roast beef, and a few other meats, Arby's just introduced another protein: pollock. According to Chew Boom, the pollock comes fried in hushpuppy coating, and can be ordered as a 3-piece meal, a 5-piece meal, or in the Cajun Fish Wrap.

Both hushpuppy meals come with tartar sauce, crinkle-cut fries, and a drink. The 3-piece meal is about 872 calories, while the 5-piece meal is about 1,007 calories (via Arby's). Prices are dependent on location. The Cajun Fish Wrap includes three strips of hushpuppy-breaded fish, lettuce, tomato, a "fiery" seasoning, and "zesty Cajun remoulade spread" in an artisan wrap. When ordered with fries and a drink, the meal is around 1,310 calories (via Arby's). Again, price varies by location.

These new items are part of the limited-time menu, so they'll soon be swimming away. However, Arby's is no stranger to bringing back fan-favorites, so we could very well see the hushpuppy fish strips again in the future.