Black Panther's Lupita Nyong'o Has Instagram Divided With This Fruit Combo

Lupita Nyong'o may be best known for her role as Nakia in Marvel Studios' "Black Panther," but it's her food choices that currently have the internet buzzing. We love to talk about what Nyong'o eats for breakfast, as well as, how she entertains. The Academy Award-winning actress revealed that she can be a spur of the moment planner, saying, "My dinner parties usually spring up out of nowhere. I might be having coffee with a friend in the afternoon, and all of a sudden we're throwing a big feast together that night" (per Bon Appetit). She also shares that when it comes to her favorite foods, she has a penchant for rice and fish curry.

According to Page Six, Nyong'o was recently at a Los Angeles event that showcased food from a Copenhagen, Denmark eatery called Noma, where she sampled some seemingly unconventional finger foods. Nyong'o posted a video on Instagram showing herself noshing on a fruit paired with what Healthline calls an "animal protein" — and this dish definitely has her followers and fans divided.

Nyong'o ups the ant-e

Actress Lupita Nyong'o left her social media followers divided after posting a video of herself holding a glass of what appears to be some type of festive bubbly in one hand, and in the other, a slice of mango topped with ants — and lots of them. She takes a bite and with a bit of glee and surprise quips, "It's really good. It's not even crunchy or anything." A voice in the background explains that the ants are supposed to add a "citrus" flavor to the mango. But Nyong'o's friends and fans weren't necessarily convinced that eating insects is in their future.

Her "Black Panther" co-star Winston Duke was quick to get all the ant puns he could in his comment, writing, "What is u doin baybeh...what you eating ants fohhh?!! This is ant-agonizing me...I'm feeling antsy...what would yo aunt antena is going crazyyy." While Marvel's "Luke Cage" star Gabrielle Dennis commented, in part, "On purpose???" But Nyong'o isn't alone. Fellow Marvel star Tom Holland has also enjoyed eating ants (yes, Spider-Man likes ants too).

Nyong'o definitely showcases an adventurous culinary vibe we can all appreciate, and according to blogger Girl Meets Bug, ants really do have a range of tastes that can conjure up flavors of bacon, pistachio, and lemon. Ants also provide a variety of nutrients, like iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus (per Healthline). Still, it appears not everyone might be ready for this food trend.