Made From Scratch Season 4: Release Date, Guest Stars, And More

Do you consider yourself an avid Food Network viewer? Do you seek out the soothing ambiance of "The Barefoot Contessa" while also dabbling in Discovery Plus's action-packed cooking adventures with "Restaurant Impossible" host Robert Irvine? Well, there's good news on the horizon if you also fancy celebrity cooking shows.

Reality cooking show "Made From Scratch" debuted on Fuse in 2018 and follows various celebrities as they prepare their favorite childhood recipes in their own home kitchens with family members (per IMDb). While most buzzworthy cooking shows are made possible on screen with a secret kitchen hidden for all that prep work you don't see, "Made From Scratch" is the real deal, allowing viewers to get up close and personal with the stars, watching these unscripted public figures dish out a home-cooked meal, with lots of laughs and personal moments shared in between.

While "Made From Scratch" has successfully put out three seasons, the fourth one is debuting this summer. And this season takes on a new twist that celebrity cooking show fans won't want to miss.

When will Season 4 premiere?

With the summer heat in full swing, you may be spending more time inside, which is a good thing if you're a "Made From Scratch" fan anticipating the up-and-coming set of episodes. If you're a fan, grab one of America's favorite snacks and head for your couch — Season 4 of "Made From Scratch" debuts July 28 on Fuse.

What sets this season apart from the rest is the production details regarding filming protocol. This is where things get interesting for "Made From Scratch" viewers, as it's reminiscent of the standards set in place for Season 3, which was filmed during the COVD-19 pandemic. Regardless of whether or not the celebrities featured in Season 3 were cooking and baking more due to the pandemic, or because they already signed up to film, adjustments had to be made for health safety.

Season 3's "Made From Scratch" celebrity guests were responsible for filming their own shows, while the first two seasons were produced by a standard set crew (per Yuma Sun). The new season of "Made From Scratch" will feature both new and old ways of filming to provide variety for the viewer based on the public response from each season. The executive producer of the show, Jon Scarlett told Yuma Sun, "I think we struck a good balance between the two formats and it's really kind of what people should expect from the show moving forward."

Who will guest-star in Made from Scratch Season 4?

Previous "Made from Scratch" seasons have featured musicians such as Saweetie, Ally Brooke, Trippie Redd, Becky G, and JoJo. But Season 4 will feature celebrities outside the music industry, including actor Eva Longoria, "Euphoria" actor Javon Walton, "On My Block" star Jason Genao, and professional gamer Tyler "Ninja" Bevins, per a press release shared with The Futon Critic

Music-loving fans don't need to worry, though — there will still be some big-name musicians this season, too. Singer-songwriter Noah Cyrus is set to appear in "Made from Scratch" Season 4, per The Futon Critic.

The show remains unscripted and will feature the celebrities cooking with their families and sharing intimate details about their lives (per Morty's TV). So if you've always wanted to know more about your favorite stars — and what they eat when they're at home with their loved ones — you're in luck.

What else is there to know about Made from Scratch?

While some speculate there are already too many celebrity cooking shows out in the world, "Made From Scratch" provides a new twist on an old concept, as it connects home cooking with a reality TV backdrop. You may have already known, for instance, that T-Pain is particular when it comes to his tequila. But you may not have known that his mother was the reason he was able to become a successful musician and entrepreneur without watching Season 1 of the reality-based show (per Vibe).

And if you're excited for Season 4, hold onto your snacks — per The Futon Critic, the show has already renewed its contract with Fuse for Season 5.

The future looks bright for "Made From Scratch" viewers. Not only will fans get to see a brand-new line of celebrities getting personal with food, but they'll also support Fuse, which provides culturally diverse content to its viewers. In an announcement surrounding Fuse's plans to extend its network with two ad-free channels, Fuse Media chairman and CEO Mike Roggero stated, "Fuse is committed to championing diversity and inclusion in media" (via The Streamable).