Joey Chestnut Just Beat Yet Another Record — This Time With Chicken

In the world of competitive eating, Joey Chestnut is a household name. The American competitive eater is ranked first in the world and recently earned his 14th hot dog championship title by beating his own record for number of hot dogs and buns eaten in 10 minutes (via Major League Eating). The new world record: 76 hot dogs and buns. But Chestnut's reign doesn't end there. The renowned competitive eater actually holds several world records, including the number of hard-boiled eggs consumed in eight minutes (141) and the number of Twinkies eaten in six minutes (121).

Most competitive eating fans applaud Chestnut as the "GOAT," so it's no surprise that his skills were put to the test again on Wednesday, July 27 for National Chicken Finger Day. To celebrate the occasion and their most popular menu item, Raising Cane's invited Chestnut to their new location on the Las Vegas strip to attempt to set a record for the most chicken fingers eaten in five minutes.

How many chicken fingers did Joey Chestnut eat?

On National Chicken Finger Day, Joey Chestnut managed to eat way more chicken fingers than you can count on two hands. At the end of the five minute timer, Chestnut managed to scarf down an impressive 44 chicken fingers, all the while taking small sips of a beverage in between mouthfuls (via YouTube). And, no, he didn't seem to have enough time to dip the chicken fingers in Raising Cane's famous dipping sauce before chowing down.

What's more shocking than a human eating 44 chicken fingers in five minutes? The fact that Chestnut apparently didn't reach his own goal. News 3 shares that Chestnut actually came to the challenge hoping to consume 50 chicken fingers. Perhaps next year fans will get to see "Joey Jaws" surpass his record.

In the meantime, Raising Cane's is using Chestnut's chicken finger debut as a way to continue celebrating their menu favorite and share some love with fans. Through July 30, members of the chain's Caniac Club loyalty program can receive a free chicken finger with their order.