Gordon Ramsay's Foolproof Method For Peeling Boiled Eggs

On "Kitchen Nightmares," Gordon Ramsay famously shared his blunt opinions, no-holds-barred evaluations, and hot temper. And on "Hell's Kitchen," which has been renewed for Season 22, Ramsay is legendary for his fiery personality, relentless F-bombs, and belittling comments. In 2010, though, he admitted to The Guardian that he's "tired of being a foul-mouthed, bully chef."

Although brutal in his culinary criticism, Ramsay becomes poetic and childlike when reminiscing about fishing trips and summer picnics. And in his YouTube video "Easy Recipes For The Ultimate Summer Picnic," the Scotch chef expressed his enthusiasm for soft-cooked Scotch eggs. 

In another video, meanwhile, he got nostalgic about runny soft-boiled eggs with anchovy toast soldiers, a classic English breakfast. While cutting off the top of the egg, perched on an egg holder, the Michelin-level chef and restaurateur said, "This is that moment when you open the vault and the magic inside is all yours."

A soft spot for soft-boiled eggs

Gordon Ramsay believes everyone — regardless of their level of cooking skill — should know how to cook a healthy breakfast, which often includes an egg in some form. "Whether it's poached eggs, smashed avocado or an amazing [omelet] ... that is crucial," he told Reddit fans during an Ask Me Anything session. So it sounds like Ramsay has shelled an egg or two in his day. 

In a June 16 YouTube video, Ramsay shared his method for achieving easy-to-peel boiled eggs. The chef's 12-minute instructional video begins with eggs being dropped gently into a pot of boiling water. "Cracking and cooling the eggs quickly will prevent the yolks [from] turning gray," he explains. 

To peel the shells from a hard- or soft-boiled egg, Ramsay taps them on the side of the pot, then submerges them in cold water. "The water seeps underneath the shell [and you] see the shell come off so much easier," says the chef. This sounds consistent with a more scientific explanation for easy egg peeling. According to J. Kenji López-Alt, when an egg is cooked quickly rather than slowly, the membrane doesn't bond as strongly with the shell (per Serious Eats). Meanwhile, cooling increases the egg's firmness.

Gordon and Tilly Ramsay cooked the meal together

What Gordon Ramsay describes as "the perfect, all-in-one mini picnic breakfast" is his version of a Scotch egg (via YouTube). A soft-boiled egg is enveloped in ground sausage, covered in breadcrumbs, and then fried. Ramsay crumbles black pudding, a regional blood sausage from the U.K. and Ireland, into the sausage mixture for added flavor. Next came salt and pepper, along with grated apples for sweetness.

The summer picnic post is dated June 16, but we can assume the video is older than that, as Ramsay's 20-year-old daughter, Tilly, is a cheerful child in the cooking demonstration. The duo appeared to have a blast while preparing the meal together; in addition to the eggs, they made a prawn and cucumber salad with yogurt dressing; an anchovy dip with crudités; and a chocolate marshmallow and peanut fridge cake.

The ultimate family picnic, says Ramsay, has "a great balance of taste and textures." But more than that, it should be fun.

Gordon Ramsay is an egg-ceptionally talented chef

Not only does Gordon Ramsay have a great tip for peeling boiled eggs, but he also has some pretty solid tips for how to cook soft-boiled eggs. First, you'll boil the water, then, carefully follow Ramsay's instructions: "The secret of softly boiling an egg is to place them in the water, gently, on a spoon." Ramsay says home cooks should place the eggs on the spoon and tilt it lightly as they put the eggs into the pot of boiling water so as not to hit the bottom. 

When it comes to how long the eggs should cook, Ramsay has opinions. "Is it four and a half minutes or is it five minutes for a soft-boiled egg? I've cooked thousands of them, and every time, it's four and a half minutes," he says (via YouTube). 

Ramsay is also a scrambled egg master, sharing his recipe with "Good Morning America" (via YouTube). As the segment starts, Ramsay tells the host, "Your eggs will be transformed after this, trust me," as he proceeds to crack eggs into a pot, add some butter, and continuously stir them with a plastic scraper. The eggs should then come off the heat, but be sure to continue to stir as the eggs will continue to cook. Once fluffy, add a teaspoon of sour cream or creme fraiche. After tasting the eggs, which are clearly much to his satisfaction, Ramsay states, "Eggs will never be the same now. That's it!"