A Texas Restaurant Honoring Donald Trump Has Twitter In A Tizzy

To our surprise, Trump Burger in Bellville, Texas, is not the first restaurant that honors a former president. Lincoln restaurant in Washington, D.C. features portraits of America's 16th president throughout the restaurant, and guests can feel especially presidential if they request a custom white leather chair that resembles Honest Abe's memorial seat (via OpenTable). After a visit from President Clinton in 1998, a lunch counter in Chile completely rebranded itself to "La Picá de Clinton," with Bill Clinton's face featured on the storefront (via Atlas Obscura).

Lebanese-American Roland Beainy is such a fan of Donald Trump's economic policies that he opened Trump Burger in Bellville, Texas, two years ago (via Insider). A burger restaurant is fitting because Trump is so obsessed with fast food. According to Restaurant Hospitality, theme restaurants can be hard to pull off because they are based on short-term fads, but so far Trump Burger has been doing well because of the former president's popularity in the area. However, there has been no shortage of controversy. "We got a lot of bad calls at the start – people who wanted to burn the place down," Beainy told The Houston Chronicle (via Insider). Not only are people expressing their opinions to the restaurant directly, but it has stirred up quite the heated discourse on Twitter.

Throwing ketchup insults

Twitter users have some unique ideas for what could be on the menu at Trump Burger, and most of them do not sound appetizing. A couple of users predicted that the burgers would resemble the "Nasty Patty" from "Spongebob," via Twitter. "Let me guess, a Trump burger is burnt and has lots of ketchup, no lettuce and extra cheese," tweeted @kayaker007.

The restaurant has 117 reviews on Yelp so far and a 3.5-star rating. Most of the reviews of the controversial restaurant appear to be either five stars or one star. A couple of the positive Yelp reviews say that people drove over an hour to get to the restaurant and would do it again. Multiple people praised the burgers and reasonable prices.

Twitter users, on the other hand, are more curious about what goes on in the restaurant. "As a tribute to Donald, everyone gets to squeeze their jars of ketchup onto a plate, then throw it right into the wall," tweeted @smc429. This tweet is presumably referencing when former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson testified that Trump threw his food in fits of anger several times and one time, in particular, she had to clean up ketchup Trump threw against a wall (via Insider). With Trump's approval rating falling, according to a recent poll by the NY Times and Siena College, who knows how long this restaurant will remain popular? For now, though, the attention, good or bad, will surely keep this restaurant on its toes.