IHOP Has A New Choco Taco-Inspired Pancake, But Only In One Place

IHOP is memorializing Klondike's famed Choco Taco in a way only IHOP can. The Choco Taco, which recently found itself on the obits of discontinued ice cream treats, has the world contemplating if they would pay four figures to eat one of the last Choco Tacos available. But four figures may not be necessary for those willing to try a knockoff. 

The beloved sweet treat has made its way onto IHOP's menu, according to Chew boom. However, before ice cream lovers get too excited about having one last hurrah with this favorite frozen dessert, which, per CBS, has graced ice cream sections of the grocery store for close to 40 years, there are a few things you need to know.

For one day only, and that day being today, August 1, IHOP will be paying tribute to the Choco Taco in the form of a Choco Taco pancake treat. What exactly is it? Chew boom describes this homage to the handheld ice cream as a classic IHOP buttermilk pancake that is transformed into a hand-pressed waffle using a waffle iron so the pancake has that crispy texture, reminiscent of a taco shell. It's then folded into the shape of a taco and packed with vanilla ice, drizzled with chocolate syrup, and garnished with whipped cream and chocolate chips. Of course, it does require a knife and fork if you want to keep your hands clean. 

So, where can Choco Taco lovers find this decadent offering?

Texas residents rejoice

According to People, if you want to pay your respects and order up this IHOP Choco Taco tribute, you'll need $2.50 — and you also need to be in Tomball, Texas. The IHOP store, located at 22607 Tomball Parkway, is the only location offering this sweet treat. What prompted IHOP to create this breakfast dessert concoction? The pancake chain's Chief Marketing Officer, Kieran Donahue, told the publication in a statement, "When we heard that an ice cream truck favorite was discontinued earlier this week, we were inspired to produce our own pancake-ified version." Donahue went on, "The creation of the Choco-Pancake shows that we always have our guests' backs, putting a smile on their plates while making indulgent cravings come true."

We know what Choco Taco lovers might be thinking, "Ain't nothing like the real thing, baby!" Agreed, but IHOP's take on this beloved childhood treat is really sweet, both figuratively and literally. Not to mention, per Elite Daily, the chain teased that this one-day event may pop up at other IHOP chains across the country before summer is over. While we're all unhappy about Klondikes decision to discontinue the Choco Taco, some die-hard fans will take any version they can get their hands on.