The Problem Instagram Has With Jet Tila's Avocado Hack

Packed with fiber, healthy fats, manganese, potassium, and several other nutrients, avocados are incredibly healthy fruits (via Healthline). So, it may come as a surprise that the nutritious avocado is also responsible for sending one too many people to the hospital. How, you ask? Because of something called "avocado hand." 

According to stats analyzed by Insider, 8,900 people had to take an emergency trip to the hospital in 2018, all due to injuries caused by slicing avocados. The cases of avocado-related injuries are so many each year that the phenomenon has been dubbed "avocado hand."

Safe to say, peeling and slicing avocados is a serious matter and the internet for one, is not happy with the way celebrity chef Jet Tila is going about prepping his avocados in a video shared on Instagram. Although he uses a classic lodge-twist-pull method to remove his avocado pit, the problem fans have with Tila's hack is that he uses a sharp kitchen knife to do so while holding the avocado in his hand. Considering the injuries avocados cause, viewers were concerned with Tila's choice of knife. "Do not try to get the seed with a knife and the avocado in your hand," warned one, as others suggested that everyone use a butter knife or a spoon to remove pits instead.

Viewers react to Tila's cutting method

Besides the choice of knife, fans have another problem with Jet Tila's hack. According to the celebrity chef, the trick for making avocados easier to peel is to slice off the ends of the fruit first (via Instagram). He says it's far easier to peel off the skin from avocados this way. While some think the hack is brilliant, others find slicing off the avocado ends to be unnecessary food waste. "Dude just chopped off like $3 worth of that avocado," joked one fan as others wondered why you'd want to waste the pricey fruit when you could just as easily scoop the flesh out from the skin using a spoon.

But that's not all. Viewers also noticed the way Tila was holding his knife with the index finger over the steel blade and joked that "Worst Cooks In America" host Anne Burrell would not be happy about it. Famous for being stern about knife safety on the show and painting contestants in red markers for holding their knives wrong (via Eating Expired), one fan joked, "all I can think of is Anne coloring your finger with a red marker for it sticking out on the blade back!" Several fans also tagged Burell, warning Tila that his fingers may soon be covered in red sharpie.