After Inflation, Reddit Is Shocked Over A Costco Canned Tomato Deal

The past few years have brought about unprecedented times and circumstances. From a global pandemic to supply chain crises and record-breaking inflation (via Bloomberg), it's safe to say that times are hard for the average consumer. Especially the latter, because the food inflation crisis tangibly impacts daily life as it forces consumers to pay more for necessary items. That's why the value places like Costco provide by offering discounts to its members through bulk buying has seen the company report increased revenue, Forbes reports.

The latest deal on canned tomatoes at Costco has Reddit users shocked. The low cost for the value feels foreign to the shoppers compared to other inflated prices. For just $2.97, members can buy 6.62 lbs of Centos Fine Foods Italian tomatoes, which is roughly only $0.45 a pound. That's a great deal that feels like a steal these days — Redditors could hardly believe it.

A 'killer deal' for a better meal

A recent post on Reddit discussing the low price for 6.62 lbs of Centos Fine Foods Italian tomatoes at Costco garnered many responses from shocked users. Even the post's title, "Killer deal on large format tomatoes," elicited many responses.

Commenting on the post's title, one user jokingly stated, "I've never heard the term large format tomatoes before, but I absolutely love it." The deal posting overjoyed one user, "That is the BEST deal I have ever seen at Costco. As someone that used to make my own pasta sauce using these exact tomatoes, I used to spend significantly more on a can. Cento is the best." Some hyperbolic responses echoed one user's response saying, "Omg, I would buy a whole Crate of that great price."

While the overwhelming responses were positive, one user opined, "Unfortunately, these are not as good as the Nina San Marazanno tomatoes when it comes to making pizzas." You can't please everyone, but you can please yourself by saving some money if you choose to take advantage of the deal.