Costco Already Brought Out The Festive Fall Rugs

For true fans of autumn, fall isn't just a season — it's a lifestyle. When the weather starts getting cooler, fall fanatics start searching for limited edition fall-themed flavors to munch on and fall-influenced products to deck out their homes with. And although the official start of fall isn't until September 22 (per The Farmers Almanac), it's apparent people are already excited for the season meant for cozy sweaters and pumpkin pie.

In fact, one Instagrammer has possibly leaked Starbucks' fall menu to fans eager to get their pumpkin spice fix. And lovers of all things fall are counting down to the estimated date Dairy Queen's pumpkin pie blizzard will return for the 2022 season. However, it seems Costco has heard fall fanatics' plea for official fall-themed products to be available in August. User @costcobuys revealed in an Instagram post that the chain is now offering a collection of perfect-for-fall rugs to its members. And shoppers on Instagram couldn't be more thrilled for the early release of these fall products.

Costco is helping shoppers prepare for fall early with its autumn rug collection

The Instagram video from @costcobuys demonstrated that Costco is pleasing fall fans with four autumn rugs. The Harvest Hook Accent Rugs' designs include a dog holding a flower next to a pumpkin-filled cart, a "hello fall" pattern embroidered with leaves, a truck filled with fall-themed gnomes, and a design infused with fall flowers and pumpkins.

Shoppers in the comments expressed their adoration for the rugs filled with atmospheric fall designs. One user wrote, "Yay, fall stuff at Costco!" Another posted, "Obsessed!!" One user even noted their inability to resist getting their hands on one of the fall-inspired rugs and wrote, "Got the one with sunflowers I love it!! Husband told me no so I went back and got it anyway hah."

According to the post, the rugs are 22 x 38 in size and have a "slip resistant backing." Selling for around $20 a piece, if you find yourself buying one of these rugs to get prepared for the autumn, be sure to also check out some pumpkin-themed recipes for fall so your home will look and smell exactly like the season should.