The Delivery Partnership Twix Fans Need To Know About

What's not to love about Twix bars? For any candy history buffs out there, the classic treat was invented in 1967, and since 1979 it has successfully kept its spot on the forefront of store shelves across the United States (via Snack History). In 2016, Fox Business declared Twix to be among the country's top ten most popular candy bars, a quick climb for the relatively young treat. And it makes complete sense; the crumbly biscuits layered with salty, sweet, sticky caramel and coated in luscious milk chocolate make for the ultimate irresistible candy bar. 

As the company has grown, so have its partnerships and selection of products. Even those most loyal to the original product would have a difficult time resisting the fresh and exciting twists and collaborations the company has offered throughout the years, like the elusive Twix Cookie Dough or the UK's ever-so-popular Twix McFlurry. Now calling on all confection connoisseurs — a new and powerful partnership has come to be, and Twix Cookie Bars are a key player.

A sweet collaboration for 2022

In June, Edible announced that it would soon partner with Twix to make the beloved candy bar the main star in its limited edition line of products (via PR Newswire). As any fruit fanatic might know, Edible is the parent company of Edible Arrangements, which is known for its extravagant fruit bouquets and other fruit-centered treats that can be delivered to customer doorsteps. 

According to its website, as of July, its selection of products made with Twix includes a chocolate fruit bouquet, chocolate cake, premium cookies, and a delectably long list of other items. Unsurprisingly, Twix  lovers are completely over the moon about the partnership. After the Twix Instagram account announced the availability of the new products, followers rejoiced with comments like "a perfect treat" and "Yum yum yummy! Is it possible to keep it all for myself??" The Edible Arrangements Instagram account even dropped in to let you know about "the collab you didn't know you needed."

This partnership will not last long, though. In the June announcement, Edible mentioned that its Twix products would only be available for a limited time. So whether you lean towards the Right Twix or Left Twix side of the ongoing debate, this is news you might want to pay attention to now.