The Caraway Dupe That Has Sam's Club Shoppers Thrilled

Gone are the days when a nonstick pan meant something sprayed with black Teflon that would gradually chip off into your scrambled eggs. Luckily, nonstick dishware is now as beautiful as it is functional, or at least it can be. Among some of the best nonstick ceramic cookware sets combining high-quality equipment with Instagram-worthy aesthetics are selections from Bialetti, Farberware, and, of course, Caraway. For those unfamiliar, Caraway is basically the Le Creuset of frying pans. And much like Le Creuset, a set from the brand will cost you your whole paycheck.

However, one big difference between Le Creuset and Caraway is that there are way better dupes for the latter brand. While many affordable Le Creuset substitutes lack the elegant finish and requisite weight, there are some beautiful options out there for Caraway fans on a budget. Though Aldi released a set of Caraway copycat pans that are gorgeous and incredibly like the real deal, Sam's Club may have just one-upped the grocery chain by restocking the kitchenware drop of all drops.

This Sam's Club set is about a quarter of the price of Caraway's

Sam's Club has just restocked what it's calling the Member's Mark 11-piece modern ceramic cookware set, per the warehouse chain's website. The set, which costs customers $149.98 as opposed to Caraway's sought-after $545 version (or $395 on sale), is available in six sleek colors. Cream is already sold out, but still available at the time of writing are navy, gray, coral, red, and green. All colors have a gray interior and silver or gold hardware and accents. Unlike the Caraway originals, all are the same price.

The Member's Mark pans do not include a dupe of Caraway's marigold yellow set, nor do they come with their own storage solutions (You get a pan rack and a rather genius cupboard door rack for lids when you spring for the Caraway originals). Like the originals, the Sam's Club versions are oven-safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and non-toxic, free of PTFE, PFOA, and PFOS. Included are two frying pans, a lidded saucepan and sauté pan, and two Dutch ovens, as well as a steamer basket. So far, a majority of five-star reviews make it sound like the Member's Mark dupe is among the best nonstick cookware sets on the market — and a TikTok video by Sierra Honeycutt suggests that it's prone to sell out.