Aldi Is About To Release A Set Of Copycat Caraway Pans

The competition in the world of baking and cooking pots and pans is tough. Nowadays, there are many brands that sell non-stick ceramic cookware, such as Caraway, Bialetti, and Faberware. After conducting its own tests, The Spruce Eats reported that the best overall ceramic set is the one from the Caraway brand. Although Caraway's cookware sets tend to cost more than others, the review praised the beautiful and stylish design and performance-related elements like heat retention. The Caraway website claims its items are non-toxic, non-stick, and eco-friendly and provide "a healthier way to cook."

Caraway's cookware sets include fry pans, sauté pans, saucepans, and Dutch ovens, which all come in different colors and have that minimalist, sleek design with recognizable stainless steel handles. They also have a steep price. However, Aldi is coming out with a couple of copycat pans that cost considerably less (via EatingWell). They will reportedly go on offer on May 11.

Aldi's copycat pans are less pricey than the originals

Per EatingWell, Aldi's Crofton fry and sauté pans mimic their Caraway inspirations in that they are non-stick, non-toxic, and made without harmful chemicals such as PFAS, which stands for "per- and polyfluroalkyl substances" (via the EPA). Most non-stick pans also don't need that much oil or butter for cooking, and they are easily cleaned. The best way to clean your non-stick pan is to wash it by hand and steer clear of sharp cooking utensils if you want to preserve the ceramic coating. In January 2022, Aldi introduced an imitation of the expensive Always Pan called  the Crofton Awesome Pan, and the reviewers at Aldi Reviewer found the Awesome Pan quite "sturdy." When cooking eggs and sausages in the pan, there was no "dark gooey residue," and the "scrambled eggs did not stick at all."

What might be the most important thing when choosing Aldi's Crofton pans is their price, and EatingWell notes that "Aldi's Caraway dupes clock in at 80% to 85% cheaper than the originals." The site reports that the fry pan will cost about $15 while the sauté pans come with a price tag of about $28 (prices could vary). The copycat pans are available in green and ivory colors while the handles appear to be gold- or silver-colored, arguably combining a dash of personality and a pop of color for these stovetop tools.