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Oreo's Long-Awaited Fall Flavor Is Finally Here

Nabisco is not afraid to throw some crazy Oreo flavors at the wall and hope that one of them sticks, especially when it comes to seasonal flavors. Though there are some Oreo flavors we will sadly never get to try again, the brand keeps trying over and over again to add some pizzaz to its simple pairing of cookies and cream.

One of these limited-edition flavors was Firework Oreos, which have red, white, and blue pop rocks in the center. These festive cookies garnered mixed reviews on Oreo's website. "The Popping Candy felt like sand on my tongue and I questioned whether the filling was combined properly," said one reviewer. "Love the popping candy addition, said another reviewer. "Forget limited edition, they need to make them a permanent part of the family!"

Another unconventional seasonal flavor from the cookie brand debuted in 2017 just in time for spring: Peeps Oreos. While Popsugar awarded the springtime cookies three and a half stars out of five, one Amazon customer said they "taste nothing like peeps and more like plastic." A lot of the cookie brand's flavor ideas sound good in theory, but it all comes down to execution. Oreo recently revealed its seasonal flavor for fall 2022, and if the cookie company doesn't execute this beloved fall flavor properly, there may be protests outside its headquarters.

Pumpkin Spice Oreos are hitting shelves soon

Before we even had time to bust out our cardigans this year, Oreo was posting teasers about fall flavors on Instagram and Twitter. The brand posted a mysterious photo (see above) of a golden Oreo with an orange creme filling and captioned it: "A new season is coming. Come back here at 10 am ET tomorrow for more details." We can't say we're surprised that the internet was able to solve Oreo's mysterious fall flavor hint before the announcement dropped, and these fall-loving sleuths were very excited about it.

"We live for Pumpkin Spice," commented @midwesthusbands on Instagram. "Looks like Pumpkin pie to me. I hope so! Yum," replied one Twitter user. Oreo has now made the official announcement on social media and added Pumpkin Spice Oreos to the limited edition section of its website. These fall-themed sandwich cookies are kosher and feature pumpkin spice flavored creme between two golden wafers. "AHHHH GIVE IT TO MEEEE," @koiplantboy commented on the announcement post on Instagram. Eager fans still have to be patient — according to Oreo's Twitter, the seasonal cookies won't be available until August 15.