You Can Now Run One Of Queen Elizabeth's Pubs

While a Hallmark movie might portray royal romance at a quaint pub, one lucky barkeep could be pouring special pints under the gaze of Queen Elizabeth. As seen throughout the Platinum Jubilee celebration, both her royal subjects and admirers worldwide have sought to toast her long reign. Some people have even enjoyed a pour of Queen Elizabeth's new beer, which was made with barley on her beloved Sandringham estate (via Daily Mail). Although these tipples might be enjoyed at home, it is a taste of royal life.

Whether or not the queen's favorite cocktail has kept her in good spirits, she is known for spending the winter holidays at Sandringham (per The Royal Family). Located in Norfolk, the royal country home is more than a single property. While the working farm has parts open to the public, several homes are available for rent. Although Architectural Digest reveals some of the requirements for letting a property, another business venture might spark an interest. For the more entrepreneurial type. There is an opportunity for an astute restaurateur to apply to run a pub on the estate, per Food and Wine.

Ready to pour a pint at Sandringham Estate?

It might be time to perfect that royal curtsy and brush up on the rules of etiquette because Queen Elizabeth is opening the doors to a special private club on her Sandringham Estate. According to the Landles listing, "a public house with restaurant" is available for lease on the Queen's country estate in Norfolk. While potential renters will have to show "industry experience, financial references, business plan and a plan for community engagement and consultation," the opportunity is one that could be quite lucrative. Although there is no guarantee that a member of the royal family will sit a spell at the bar, the location on the royal estate could bring in many guests.

As described by Food and Wine, the property has much potential. From the stunning views to even the potential of additional rooms to rent, this pub could become a grand destination. Currently, parts of the Sandringham Estate are open to the public throughout the year. Whether it is locals looking to gather for a drink or tourists needing a little respite, it appears that there is a built-in audience for this venture. For the right person able to meet the standard, the role of royal barkeep is waiting.