RXBAR's New Flavor Is A Cinnamon Lover's Dream Come True

Even though a four-count of RXBARs can go for $7 at Target (per Target), the brand has become a popular protein-based snack. In fact, RXBARs have become so popular with U.S. consumers that discount grocery store Aldi created a lower-priced copycat version of the product for shoppers who can't get enough of the bars. There are two reasons behind the success of the protein bars. The first is, as it notes on its website, RXBAR's commitment using products with straightforward ingredients — clearly laid out on the bars' wrappers. The second is the variety of delicious flavors available.

With a selection of protein bars ranging from blueberry to mint chocolate, protein lovers have a good chance of finding the perfect RXBAR to satisfy their sweet tooth. And that's not including the brand's seasonal flavors. Last year, RXBAR gave fans holiday and fall flavors, like snickerdoodle, pecan, and pumpkin spice (via PR Newswire). And now the company is urging its customers to "get cozy" with a new flavor that seems perfect for those who love all things cinnamon (per Instagram).

Cinnamon lovers will be eager to get their daily protein

According to a press release, RXBAR launched its limited edition Chocolate Cinnamon Brownie flavor on Wednesday. The cinnamon-filled protein bar was inspired by freshly baked brownies and is composed of "crunchy whole almonds, deliciously rich chocolate chunks, and fragrant cinnamon spice" (via Instagram). The bar is also packed with 12 grams of protein.

Fans of the company were quick to take to the comment section to express their eagerness to try the new limited-edition RXBAR. One devout cinnamon lover posted, "STOP IM A CINNAMON ADDICT I NEED THESE IN MY LIFE." Another person wrote, "Cinnamon Brownie RX bars are my new love language."

While RXBAR fans may fall in love with this cinnamon-inspired flavor, the new protein bar will only be available to enjoy until the end of December — which is perfect for all your hikes and workouts this fall and winter. While these Chocolate Cinnamon Brownie bars will disappear, the company's newly released RXBAR A.M. bars, promoted as a better-for-you breakfast, are here to stay and include a Cinnamon Peanut Butter option.