The Trader Joe's Ice Cream That Makes Some People Lose Control

Gone are the days when the best thing you could do with peanut butter was slather a blob of jelly onto it between two slices of bread. Nut butter enthusiasts swear by the salty spread's flavor in a range of applications, thinking of unexpected ingredients to add to peanut butter sandwiches, ranging from mayo and cheese to pulled pork and even spicy sriracha. Beyond sandwiches, there are a ton of interesting ways to use peanut butter, such as in smoothies, sauces, coffee drinks, and, most importantly, ice cream.

Beyond its appealing flavor, peanut butter is simply a mix of fat, sugar, and protein — "three things pretty much guaranteed to make any ice cream smoother and creamier," explains Serious Eats. This perhaps explains why a certain peanut butter ice cream sold by Trader Joe's seems to be basking in glory as of late. When TJ's launched its Peanuts for Chocolate! Ice Cream last summer, the nutty ice cream ticked all the boxes for sweet and salty dessert lovers. It seems that even a year later, shoppers can't get enough of the ice cream, with some Redditors claiming that they have zero self-control when it comes to the freezer find.

The Peanuts for Chocolate! Ice Cream lives up to its name, Redditors say

The TJ's Peanuts for Chocolate! Ice Cream is clearly meant for fans of texture: The pint is filled with crunchy pieces of chocolate peanut butter Joe-Joe's (Trader Joes' answer to the Oreo) and a sticky swirl of peanut butter through rich chocolate ice cream. True to its name, fans seem to be going "peanuts" for the treat.

Recently, several shoppers on Reddit confessed to having finished off the peanut butter chocolate ice cream in one sitting. "I loved putting an extra scoop of peanut butter w it, but stopped buying them bc I had no self control," wrote one fan. Another related, "first time I bought it, I ate the whole pint in 2 days. Now, I can't let myself buy it." 

A comment on a separate Reddit discussion went so far as to claim that the Trader Joe's version was "hands down best Chocolate PB Ice cream" they'd ever had. While many complained of losing all self control when it comes to the Peanuts for Chocolate! ice cream, others have found it to be disappointingly light on the peanuts. One fan pointed out that the ice cream was misleading at best, with no actual peanuts and very little peanut butter. For some users, though, that's exactly what makes it so hard to stop eating: "Not enough peanut butter in mine. I hate half of it digging for it. Lol," one shopper revealed. While not all users see eye to eye on the ice cream, an overwhelming majority make one warning clear: It makes it very hard to put your spoon down.