Trader Joe's Fans Are Loving Its New Peanut Butter Chocolate Ice Cream

Trader Joe's is rolling out new frozen treats to keep you cool this scorching summer. The latest release, called Peanuts for Chocolate!, consists of a rich chocolate ice cream mixed with pieces of chocolate peanut butter Joe-Joe's cookies and a peanut butter swirl. Not to be confused with TJ's chocolate peanut butter "light" ice cream (a low-fat, high-protein ice cream like Halo Top), this ice cream flavor is full fat, full sugar, and fully delicious. 

According to Instagram user @traderjoesobsessed, the new ice cream flavor was released in some stores on July 20, 2021, and will continue to touch down elsewhere as the week continues. They gave Peanuts for Chocolate! a 10/10 review, writing that it had a strong peanut butter flavor and lots of cookies. "This is a must get if you love peanut butter!" said the @traderjoesobsessed post. Since peanut butter and chocolate is, obviously, the best flavor combination known to man, we recommend getting to your local TJ's immediately (that's where we'll be!).

The scoop on Trader Joe's new pint of ice cream

Trader Joe's Peanuts for Chocolate! ice cream is sold in pint-size cartons for $2.99 (via Instagram). It contains cream and milk (so don't forget the Lactaid).

Trader Joe's ice cream fans took to Instagram and Reddit to share their excitement about the new flavor. "Trader Joe's is knocking it out of the park with all their great ice cream flavors!" wrote Instagram user @lauryninthesky. Other users chimed in that they absolutely need to try the new flavor. Instagram user @mullygirl1 tried Peanuts for Chocolate! and claimed it was "soooooooooo good, it's ridiculous." And on Reddit, after a post announcing the new flavor launch, one person said, "The new ice cream flavors this last year have been so delightful!" Another user commented, "OMFG i'm gonna need to buy at least two of these next time I go in. I feel like it won't last long." Agreed!