Reddit Is In Shambles Over The Flavored Costco Goat Cheese

When it comes to cheeses, goat cheese stands apart for several reasons. According to Modern Farmer, goat cheese has fewer milk proteins than cow cheeses, making it softer and creamier in texture. Furthermore, goat cheese has a much higher concentration of fatty acids, and this in turn gives the cheese its signature tangy flavor.

Like other milks and cheeses, goat cheese has its own particular benefits. In fact, you should eat more goat cheese because it's high in vitamins, minerals, protein, and even probiotics. Considering how goat cheese has fewer milk proteins, it's easier on our stomachs and therefore a good option for those with dairy sensitivities.

But goat cheese doesn't just come in its naturally tart form. You can find goat cheese in countless flavors, from Trader Joe's spiced pumpkin goat cheese to Aldi's goat cheese summer flavors of Everything Bagel and Mango Chile. Costco recently joined the goat cheese game with its own fun spin. 

Costco's new goat cheese flavor is perfect for summer

Reddit recently lost it after one Costco shopper posted about key lime-flavored goat cheese. According to their post, the goat cheese costs 97 cents a pound, which honestly sounds pretty darn good.

Although a few Reddit users were skeptical of this "weird" flavor, most were over the moon with excitement. Several people commented that the key lime-flavored goat cheese would be perfect for a cheesecake, or even with cookies, graham crackers, or wafers.

Others said they too were initially on the fence about the cheese, but sampling it changed their minds. One person wrote, "It worked together way more than it should," while another noted, "Sweet flavored goat cheese is pretty common."

If you want to try your hand at making a cheesecake, you can check out Firefly Farms' key lime and goat cheese cheesecake recipe, or you can simply make adjustments to your own favorite cheesecake recipe, subbing in goat cheese where appropriate.