Aldi Shoppers Are Loving Its New Summer Goat Cheese Flavors

At Aldi, the grocer's snack game is so strong, people can't wait to see what new treats will hit the shelves. The wine section offers the type of variety that would make a sommelier sit up straight and pay attention.

And let's not forget Aldi seasonal cheeses. It's safe to say any of the cheeses at Aldi would be more than capable of handling whatever charcuterie platter you want to throw at 'em. Want something spicy? Aldi's spicy cheese slices have got you covered. Need a keto-friendly cheese? Yep, Aldi has one of those.

The new summer goat cheeses are no exception. Can you say yum? The Aldi Instagram fan pages Aldi Favorite Finds and Your Aldi BFF recently posted the grocery store's new spring goat cheese rolls and baby, these look delicious.

The cheese rolls come in three flavors: Mango Chili, Double Cream Amarena Cherry, and Goat's Milk Cheese with Everything Bagel Seasoning.

The fans go wild for these summer cheeses

To say that Aldi fans are excited would be un petit understatement. "The Mango Chili and Everything flavors are AMAZING!!" one Instagrammer posted on Aldi Favorite Finds pic. Another posted the Mango Chili was "so good, finished the block in one day."

An Aldi Made Me Do It fan had a delicious idea. "I grabbed the mango chili today!" the poster commented. "Can't wait to try with the chimichurri smoked salmon."

Open a glass of your favorite wine, slice the cheeses into medium circles, fan them out on a plate, and serve with crackers and fruit. Grapes or apple slices would work well, but strawberries, kiwi, pear also do the trick. Or, you could go for the crunch and serve with a sprinkle of banana chips.

All three cheeses would also go nicely sliced over salads, while the Everything and Mango Chili goat cheeses would be fantastic crumbled and sprinkled over rice or pasta (via Food52). Head over to your local Aldi to see if the cheeses have landed on the shelves. As always, stock is not guaranteed, and not every store will get every seasonal item.