Bizarre Ramen Flavors You'll Either Love Or Hate

Although that Top Ramen might be convenient, these bizarre ramen flavors have foodies thinking outside of the bowl. While ramen might seem like just noodles in a broth, the flavor combinations can be far more adventurous than anyone could expect.

According to Serious Eats, a few options might have people surprised with that next slurp. As stated in the article, some interesting ramen flavors included bacon, pizza, and even Mexican food. Descriptions of these flavors ranged from "rest of the day your burps will taste like bacon" to "reminiscent of grocery store frozen pizza." Even if you prefer to stay with a more common choice, a few bonus points should be awarded for finding a way to make slurping a little more surprising. 

Although these three flavors seem like an approachable food mashup, a few other options were questionable. From purple-colored ramen noodles to a flavor said to be fatty pork option, not all choices will receive a five-star rating. Still, many people might want to break from the traditional chicken or soy flavors.

Spoon University ranks its best tasting ramen. While the classic Top Ramen shrimp flavor makes the list, it isn't the top super slurper. Its favorite flavor is kimchi. Maybe the pungent fermented flavor adds to the broth and noodle combination. Sometimes, the most exciting part of enjoying a favorite food is the flavor twist.

What are the most popular ramen toppings?

While instant ramen might be a pantry staple in many households, that simple bag of noodles can get a boost from creative toppings. Although everyone has their favorite flavors, the toppings can turn any meal from bland and boring into a more satisfying slurp. Without venturing too outside the bowl, a few options are quite tasty.

Epicurious recommends 20 ways to upgrade a simple ramen dish. From a simple slice of American cheese to even a drizzle of Frank's Red Hot or Sriracha, popular ramen toppings are not necessarily complex. Even a hot dog can make that bowl a heartier dish.

Still, some bolder, global flavors can be exciting. For example, the spice blend Togarashi brings the heat with a touch of orange peel. Or Furikake, which is often served on rice, is delightful on ramen. While that little ramen seasoning packet might be convenient, the pantry could hold a plethora of popular ramen toppings. More importantly, that bowl could be the vessel for finally using that can of SPAM that has been collecting dust for over a year.