Why Reddit Is Jealous Of Costco's Korean Food Court

Everyone knows that one of the main reasons to shop at Costco is the cheap and delicious lunch you get at the food court. We also all know that everyone's favorite menu item is Costco's famous hot dogs. That classic hotdog and soda combo has stayed at the same low price it's been since the 80s — a reasonable $1.50 — but some other items at the store's food court have been hit with a price increase, specifically the chicken bake and a large cup of soda, according to The Street.

These changes aren't going unnoticed. Users on Reddit are concerned about the price hike of Costco's frozen chicken nuggets, for example, and earlier this year, Redditors also shared their concerns about changes to Costco's food court as well.

The food court at Costco comes up fairly regularly on the unofficial subreddit dedicated to the retailer, as users discuss topics like their favorite bites to get while they shop and the wide range of offerings at Costco food courts worldwide. One Redditor in Korea sparked quite the commotion when they posted about one of the offerings at their local food court, and users were quick to express their jealousy.

Costco pizza in Korea looks amazing

Posting from Daegu, South Korea, Reddit user u/ddrrtt shared a photo of pizza topped with bulgogi to the subreddit r/Costco. We all already know how good Costco pizza is, so it's no wonder that Redditors are clamoring for this cheesy pie covered in thinly sliced, marinated beef.

The post's comment section was filled with American users wishing they could have this particular pizza at their local Costco. "Every time I see a food court post from another country it makes me resent living in Arizona," one user wrote. Others echoed the sentiment, asking why their local Costco couldn't use the bulgogi they carry to make food court dishes like this. Other users discussed the best way to prepare Costco's bulgogi to recreate this beefy pizza at home.

Amid the calls to bring the bulgogi pizza stateside, one Redditor was so jealous, they suggested the subreddit "should ban posts from international Costco food courts because it just makes me depressed."

A few years back, Costco employees chimed in on an r/Costco thread discussing regional variants to the food court menu, revealing that food court items varied not only overseas, but even state to state. Business Insider reports that, in addition to on pizza, you can find "bulgogi bakes" at Costco food courts in Japan and Taiwan. Other international Costco favorites spotted by Business Insider included a ham-and-cheese-stuffed croissant in France and poutine in Canada. But hey, at least a hot dog's still $1.50 here.