The Unexpected Product Junior's Cheesecake Fans Can Now Buy

If you live in New York City — or if you've ever even visited the Big Apple — there's a good chance you're familiar with Junior's Cheesecake. Maybe you've eaten a slice of the "world famous" dessert or maybe you've just walked by one of its five locations in NYC. Regardless, Junior's has been an institution in the city since it first opened its doors in 1950. 

Even if you don't frequent New York, you can still get your Junior's fix. Not only can you order any flavor cheesecake online (including samplers and seasonal picks), you can also find Junior's cakes at Costco stores across the country. And now, there's a new way to enjoy Junior's, and it doesn't involve eating. The bakery has partnered with Literie Candles to create a cheesecake-scented candle. "As a born and raised New Yorker there are few things as recognizable as a slice of Junior's cheesecake," Literie founder Erica Werber told the New York Daily News. Here's what you need to know about the new Junior's candle, including where to buy it.

The cheesecake candle is available online and in-store

While Junior's offers a variety of cheesecake flavors — from brownie marble to cherry crumb — the new Junior's candle is designed to smell just like a slice of the bakery's classic strawberry cheesecake. "Enjoy a hint of strawberry, notes of vanilla, and a wink of cream cheese—comfort, sophistication, and that famous aroma," the product description on Literie Candle's website reads. Each nine-ounce candle costs $45 and is made of a vegan coconut and soy wax blend. According to AMNY, you can purchase the candles online from Literie or at three of Junior's locations in New York (the original Brooklyn store, the 45th Street location, and the 49th Street location).

Fans are excited to try out the cheesecake-scented candle for themselves. "The candle is FANTASTIC!" one person commented on Instagram, while another said it must "smell like heaven." The Junior's candle even comes in a cardboard box reminiscent of the same boxes that the cheesecakes come in, with cheery red and white stripes.