Doritos Just Launched Two Classic Condiment-Like Flavors

From Superbowl commercials featuring celebrities like Matthew McConaughey, Mindy Kaling, and Jimmy Kimmel to partnerships with fast food chains like Taco Bell, Doritos arguably is one of the recognizable and beloved brands in the snack world. The Frito Lay company started in 1955 after Frito Lay struck a partnership with Disney to open a Mexican restaurant, "Casa de Fritos," at their California theme park (via Snack History). After a salesman saw the restaurant throwing out stale tortillas, they recommended the company avoid waste by turning the tortillas into deep-fried, seasoned chips. Frito Lay saw how popular these snacks were, decided to mass-produce them, and the Dorito chip was born.

Soon after that, Doritos became one of the most popular chips in America. Snack History notes that this was partly due to the company's clever marketing of the chip as "more flavorful and crunchier" than its competitors. Throughout the years, marketing has been a critical component of Doritos' success; the chip brand is consistently reinventing itself with flavors like Cool Ranch, Spicy Nacho, Nacho Cheese, and more. After teasing about it on Twitter, the company has revealed its latest two flavors, and they are sure to get some buzz going.

The new Doritos flavors has Twitter split

One thing that stands out about Doritos is the number of flavors they come in. While some Doritos flavors are better than others, the excitement around a new release still tends to garner attention. Fresh from the news that the fan-favorite Blazin' Buffalo & Ranch will be making a return, the company has taken to Twitter to announce the arrival of two new, unexpected flavors: ketchup and spicy mustard.

While the replies show that the new flavors caught many fans off-guard, these choices are not that surprising, especially given the prominence of these particular condiments during the summer season. One user responded, "EEW!!! Come on guys are better than this! WTF." Another user stated, "we fully thought you were kidding about the mustard flavor, but now we are shaking in our boots."

However, some fans were excited to try the condiment-inspired Doritos, and some even shared what they thought about them after eating them. One user stated, "I've loved the ketchup Doritos since they first came out in Canada, super hyped to try the mustard ones." Another tweet said, "Spicy Mustard? I was kidding, but I am for it." The flavors are now available for a limited time only on