Doritos Is Bringing Back A Fan-Favorite Flavor For A Worthy Cause

Giving money to a worthy cause makes people feel good. And if, in exchange for that money, they get a bag of tortilla chips covered with a dusting of nacho cheese, so be it. Those people didn't ask to be heroes.

Actually, according to the Doritos website, it's unfair to call Doritos "just a chip." The snack company calls its cheesy chip "fuel for disruption" and says that "with every crunch, we aim to redefine culture and support those who are boldly themselves." That's a lot of lofty ideas to put on a little chip's tiny shoulders, but Doritos isn't chippy about it. "Our flavors ignite adventure and inspire action," the website explains. Which is perhaps the sentiment that was behind last year's SOLID BLACK campaign. 

Now in its second year, according to a PepsiCo press release, the initiative seeks to fund and elevate Black people that are seen as "changemakers" in their communities and is setting its sights on non-profit organizations that create space for Black creators. The brand plans on using its products and presence on television and social media to shine a light on those creators. It will be "investing more than $5 million as part of the SOLID BLACK campaign, to amplify stories of Black joy, strength, and resilience." If you found yourself wondering what that has to do with tortilla chips, allow us to elaborate. 

Blazin' trails and making change with chips

According to Delish, one of the tastiest perks of Doritos' initiative to invest in Black creatives and changemakers is the return of a long-forgotten flavor: Doritos Blazin' Buffalo & Ranch, which also recently resurfaced at Sam's Club. Okay, maybe it's not that long ago that the Blazin' Buffalo shuffled off into the sunset. In fact, in a moment of Dorito Deja Vu, it was 2017 when Delish reported on the return of the "cult favorite."

But this time, we have chef Eric Williams of Baltimore, Maryland to thank for the renaissance of Doritos Blazin' Buffalo & Ranch chips, according to PepsiCo. Williams was part of the 2021 class of SOLID BLACK changemakers, and it was his choice to bring back the buffalo in honor of the company's second year in the change-making business. Williams even created a new recipe for his restaurant, Nacho Bangers, that features the Blazin' Buffalo & Ranch chip.

Even if fans can't make it to Maryland for a Doritos-forward dish, PepsiCo says that Doritos has partnered with an anonymous art collective, Mz. Icar, to release a limited number of specially designed bags for the Buffalo & Ranch flavored chip and other SOLID BLACK bags of Doritos. "Legacy," said the artists behind the SOLID BLACK bag design, "... represents a future-leaning collective ethos of Blackness." Let the chips fall where they may.