This Is The Most Popular Method Of Cooking Eggs In The US

Egg enthusiasts always have a reason for excitement. There are so many ways of cooking eggs that they can eat them every day and never get bored. Choose hard-boiled eggs if you like your egg whites and yolks firm. Soft-boiled eggs are great if you want your yolk to have a jam-like consistency. And when properly prepared, sunny-side-up eggs result in runny yolks with firm egg whites. However, there are many more styles of cooking eggs –- baked, over-easy, scrambled, omelets, frittatas, and poached eggs, which are great for the classic dish called eggs Benedict (via Sauder Eggs). 

With such a wide array of options, it can be slightly tricky to choose the method of preparation that's suitable for our daily appetite. Statista reports that about 286.5 eggs were eaten per U.S. consumer in 2020. It's a laudable action –- after all, eggs are called "the perfect protein." But eggs-actly which method of cooking eggs is the most popular in the U.S.?

Boiling is the most popular way of cooking eggs in the US

In April 2022, Pantry & Larder took a deep dive using Google Trends to learn about Americans' favorite ways to make eggs, and there's even a list of the most popular style for every state. Surprisingly, some notable differences exist between the northern and southern parts of America. 

For example, the first spot for the most popular method of cooking eggs goes to boiled eggs, with a whopping 17 states, primarily in the north, choosing this style over any other. In the southeast fried eggs are a favorite, but in Florida, many love their fried eggs over hard. And soft-boiled eggs are beloved in most regions, including on both coasts and throughout the Southwest.  

Regardless of the style, eating eggs for breakfast is very healthy –- they're nutritious, reduce the risk of heart disease, and contain antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids (via HealthLine). And hey, some brilliant people, such as Albert Einstein, ate this "breakfast of champions," so why shouldn't you? The Guardian claims that Einstein's typical morning meal consisted of eggs fried in butter and drizzled with honey, but you can choose any style you want. For more inspiration, check out the best egg recipes of 2021.