27% Of People Agree This Chain Restaurant Has The Worst Wings

Whether you're at a sports bar or a casual American restaurant, chances are high you'll find chicken wings on the menu. They're a favorite appetizer among Americans — according to the National Chicken Council, on Super Bowl Sunday alone, Americans consume about 1.42 billion wings (per Quartz). 

Everyone has preferences when it comes to wings, too. Not only is there an ongoing debate about which shape is best — flats vs. drums — but there are also a ton of flavors available, from classic buffalo to spicy Old Bay to sweet teriyaki (and everything in between).

While you can order wings at many restaurants, not all poultry is created equal. Some places are better known for their wing lineups, such as Buffalo Wild Wings or Hooters. But of the popular chains, which one falls flat when it comes to their wings? Mashed polled 548 people across the country to find out which restaurant has the worst wings. Here's the spot that more than a quarter of people say is their least-favorite for chicken wings.

People don't like the wings at P.F. Chang's

Of all the restaurants where you might think to order wings, P.F. Chang's may not be your best bet if you're seeking a dish worth your money. According to Mashed's poll results, the Asian restaurant chain has the worst wings, with 27.19% of survey respondents choosing it as their last choice. While they used to be an available appetizer, wings don't appear to be on the P.F. Chang's menu anymore, perhaps due to their lack of appeal to customers. However, the brand does sell its sauces online and in-store and offers recipes on its website for making a homemade version.

How did the wings at other major chain restaurants compare? Applebee's was survey respondents' second least-favorite choice, receiving 23.18% of the votes, followed surprisingly by Hooters with 19.16%. Outback Steakhouse and Buffalo Wild Wings were neck and neck, garnering 10.77% and 10.58% of the votes, respectively. Last place — a.k.a. the chain with the best wings of those included in the survey — went to TGI Friday's, which only 9.12% of people dubbed the worst.