Reddit Is In Shambles Over A Wendy's Bacon Menu Item

While working in fast food has its own fair share of challenges. You have to balance ensuring the customer's order is correct while still delivering orders at a rapid pace. If you take too long to make sure a customer's order is right, you hold up the line. If you try to blow through the entire line in under a few minutes, you're bound to be screwing up orders here and there.

Of course, these mistakes are usually minor, and unless you were one particular woman in Florida who called 911 when her McDonald's order was messed up  (via FOX 13), you probably wouldn't freak out over it. Sometimes the orders are so wildly incorrect that one can't help but laugh. This was the case for one TikToker who shared an outrageously incorrect McDonald's order with a patty-less burger and a fried egg instead of McNuggets. While it's certainly nothing worth flipping out over, it's still a minor annoyance to see how something as simple as burgers and fries can be messed up.

There are some cases, however, where the order is done right, but not in the way you'd expect. A good example of this is the Baconator fries ordered by a Reddit user during a trip to Wendy's

The Baconator fries didn't have chopped bacon

As Reddit user u/MrRedeyes9 showed to the subreddit r/Wendy's, their order of Baconator fries was prepared correctly. It had fries, melted cheese, and bacon, just as you would expect. The only problem was that the bacon wasn't chopped. Instead, two whole slices of bacon were tossed on top of the mountain of cheese and starches. Some commenters were shocked. "Let me tell you. Wendy's is so obsessed with fast times and competing with other stores in their district," wrote one user. "They are compensating bad service with getting orders out fast."

"This is embarrassing and I work at Wendy's," said another user. "I always do fries, spoon ... liquid cheese and the shredded cheese and bacon next to each other," wrote one apparently industrious Wendy's employee. "I always strain the grease from the bacon. This is sad and lazy."

Although one could argue that the workers were having an incredibly busy day instead of calling them lazy, it's not like the fries were ruined in any way. Why get upset over spilled milk — or, in this case, unchopped bacon? Some Wendy's customers, however, are very particular about their fries, as was the case of one customer attacking an employee over an order of cold fries (via Newsweek). If you're a fan of Wendy's fries, there was actually a raffle to reward a certain type of Wendy's customer free fries for a year.