Emirates Airlines' First Class Is All Champagne And Caviar — Literally

It's hard not to be awestruck by the Dubai skyline. This architectural paradise simply screams out wealth and opulence with its recognizable Burj Al Arab, a gleaming sail-like marvel; the Burj Khalifa, the sky-piercing tallest building on the planet; and the twisty Cayan Tower, a cleverly designed masterpiece that makes a full 90-degree turn over the span of its 73 floors (via CNN). And once you step inside this shimmering city surrounded by sand, the extravagance becomes even more apparent. 

As CosmopoliClan reveals, the ceiling of the Burj Al Arab's elevator area shimmers with 21,000 Swarovski crystals. It has one of the tallest atriums in existence, and its Royal Suite boasts a shower lined with 24-karat gold. That's not all — Business Insider reveals that the city's police force even drives Ferraris and Lamborghinis. Plus, Dubai boasts the world's largest shopping mall and an indoor ski resort that gives guests the chance to hang out with real penguins and experience the thrill of a toboggan ride. Heck, Dubai even holds the classy World Record for having the world's largest champagne tower that was made up of 54,740 glasses (via Caterer Middle East).

Unsurprisingly, the airline based in this desert paradise offers its passengers the same level of splendor in the air as the city shares on land. 

First class can enjoy unlimited caviar

While many airlines are employing cost-cutting measures like adding more seats, discontinuing onboard meals, and economizing their service into what feels like an airborne torture chamber, Dubai's Emirates Airlines is doing the opposite. In fact, Travel Pulse reveals that the company recently announced it is investing $2 billion in "passenger enhancements."

While Condé Nast Traveler says some of these improvements will benefit both economy and business class (including the addition of new premium economy cabins), the most awe-inspiring changes will, of course, be to first class. According to Food & Wine, the most noteworthy is the "Champagne and Caviar experience," which allows passengers to enjoy Dom Perignon with unlimited caviar. It doesn't end there. The menu has also been upgraded to include "pan-fried salmon trout with Moqueca sauce, roasted duck breast with orange thyme jus," and the vegan-friendly "pan-roasted king oyster mushrooms" and jackfruit biryani. CNT also shares that during the in-flight movie, viewers can opt for snacks like "lobster rolls, sliders, or edamame." The first to showcase completely contained suites that offer control over the temperature and both the intensity and color of your illumination, it's like having your own mini hotel room in the air (per One Mile At A Time). Swanky. 

Yes, if you're tired of tiny restrooms, mashing elbows with the person beside you, subsisting on complimentary peanuts, and feeling like part of some kind of corralled herd, flying Emirates Airlines may be the cure — if you can afford it.