Instagram Is Divided On Chrissy Teigen's Fried Eggs

While there are many different ways to prepare eggs – scrambled, sunny side-up, hard-boiled, folded into an omelette — one of the most popular methods is frying them, whether you prefer a runny yolk or over hard. According to a recent survey by Pantry & Larder, over-easy fried eggs are the top pick in 25 states, followed by over-medium in 16. Typically, fried eggs are made in a skillet on the stove and, no matter how you like your yolk, require you to steam them until the egg whites are opaque. The trickiest part is often making sure the eggs don't break or stick to the pan.

Everyone has a favorite hack for perfectly crispy fried eggs, including model and cookbook author Chrissy Teigen. The celebrity foodie recently posted a video on Instagram showing how she prepares her yolks. "Make the best fried eggs you'll ever eat," she captioned the tutorial. However, after watching Teigen's instructions, many fans are skeptical about how good the eggs actually turned out.

People are questioning her oil use

In the caption for the Instagram video, Chrissy Teigen explains, "[I like] to start with a generous layer of olive oil which is the secret to getting those super crispy edges, all the while maintaining that silky, runny yolk." And according to many of the comments from Instagram followers, generous is a bit of an understatement. In the tutorial, the foodie cracks her eggs into what appears to be about a 1/2-inch layer of olive oil in the bottom of her skillet. "Omg that's way too much oil. You only need a little," one person said, and many agreed. However, one person pointed out that using a lot of oil is a traditional Asian method of frying eggs and others said they prefer using more oil than not to avoid browned, crispy edges.

So how much oil should you be using when you make fried eggs? Bon Appétit recommends adding just enough oil to cover the bottom of your pan. This will prevent the eggs from sticking to the skillet without making them too greasy or soggy.