The Easiest Hack For Perfectly Crispy Fried Eggs

Is there anything that eggs can't do? If you're in the mood for something sweet, eggs are one of the key ingredients in your favorite chocolate chip cookies, if you're hoping to bring something to a lunchtime barbecue, egg salad is always a hit, and if its an egg dinner you're after, you can add fried eggs to your mac 'n cheese to satisfy your tastebuds.

Add them into recipes or enjoy them on their own — eggs are so multifaceted that it has been suggested that the folds in chefs' hats represent the many ways eggs can be prepared (via Bon Appetit). Although eggs can be used for all manner of meals in a number of ways, they're probably best known for being served up first thing in the morning with a side of toast and bacon.

While scrambled eggs can be seen as easy to make, fried eggs are generally thought of as a bit trickier to cook. Because frying eggs involves making sure the outsides of the eggs are crispy while keeping the yolk liquid, people may struggle with getting the perfect texture when trying to prepare them. Luckily, there is a simple way to make sure your fried eggs come out perfectly crispy-edged every time.

Use olive oil when frying your eggs

Alissa Fitzgerald, a chef with "over 15 years of experience," revealed to Insider that frying your eggs with olive oil is the secret to making satisfyingly crispy fried eggs. Fitzgerald suggests placing a considerable amount of olive oil into a pan on medium-level heat and waiting until the oil is hot before tossing in your choice of seasoning (salt is essential). Add your eggs and let them sizzle, then get a spoon and douse them with the hot oil, which will help to crisp them up.

According to Martha Stewart, however, you can also begin with around 1/8 inch of oil in your pan and then, after adding in the eggs, continue "spooning oil" over the eggs "repeatedly." The recipe notes that you should stop when your eggs are brown on the sides but the yolk in the middle is still tender.

If you're hoping to go lighter on the oil, Simply Recipes advises that you add a single teaspoon into a non-stick pan or traditional cast-iron skillet, and top up your oil by another teaspoon if you're cooking with a stainless steel skillet. Once your eggs have reached peak crispness, you can slide them onto your plate and marvel at your newfound kitchen skills.