Trader Joe's New Lemonade Flavor Is Turning Heads

If there's anything Trader Joe's can promise its customers, it's that they will never get bored of the foods the grocery store chain has to offer. With a constant influx of new releases, limited edition treats, seasonal items, and the chain's wellness-centered products, there is always something to look forward to when you embark on your regular grocery trip, no matter the time of the year.

In 2022 alone, Trader Joe's brought several new products to shelves, and those products have become instant classics for shoppers all over the country. With pages on Instagram, Facebook, and Reddit, shoppers are always in the loop on the chain's new and returning items, as well as reviews from fellow shoppers. One of the store's latest releases was shared by the popular Instagram account Trader Joe's List and it may be the perfect drink for the summer — and followers are already lining up to give it a try.

The Sparkling Tropical Lemonade makes its Instagram debut

The latest and greatest of the Trader Joe's brand is its Sparkling Tropical Lemonade (per Instagram). A perfect complement to the stifling August heat, the beverage offers a fruity twist on the store's existing Sparkling Lemonade product. However, the drink has a very high sugar content, weighing in at 17 grams per can. As the caption states, to offset the sweetness, you may want to, "dilute this with [your] favorite flavor of Spindrift or plain sparkling water." Commenters also agreed that the product may be a bit too sweet alone, and some made suggestions of their own, like mixing it with vodka.

Overall, the announcement of the Sparkling Tropical Lemonade has been very well received by fellow Trader Joe's fanatics. People are already saying, "I need this in my life!" and "Must try this!" (via Instagram). Whether the Sparkling Tropical Lemonade can hold its own or needs a little diluting is really up to you. You may want to see for yourself by finding the sweet bubbly beverage at your local Trader Joe's.