Why You Might Want To Think Twice About Trader Joe's New Sparkling Lemonade

As we will be immersed in Satan's armpit for at least the next month and a half, many are turning to various refreshing drinks, such as Trader Joe's sparkling lemonade.

Labeled as perfect for heat waves, alfresco dining, and family-styled events, the page for the sparkling lemonade goes into great description about the product and the ways to best enjoy it. For $3.99, you would be set with a four-pack of 8.4 fl oz cans. Set, that is, until you look at the nutritional label. Each can contains 17 grams of added sugar. The same is true for Trader Joe's other lemon-y and lime-y drinks. Their limeade has 29 grams of added sugar per serving and their lemonade has 27.

In fairness, however, they do offer a Sparkling Lemon and Strawberry Apple Cider Vinegar drink in a can that has only 8 grams of natural sugar and none of added sugar. So your trip to Trader Joe's can still succeed.

Just make your own lemonade

Looking at Trader Joe's offerings for summer foods, Toby Amidor, a medical expert for Eat This, Not That!, was very unimpressed with the lemonade. "You're better off with a glass of seltzer with lemon slices or making your own lemonade so you can best control the added sugar," she said.

Making lemonade at home is actually very easy to do. Taste of Home suggests juicing about 10 lemons, zest a bit more lemon, and combine sugar, a lemon peel, and water in a pot. Set to simmer and after the sugar dissolves, add the lemon juice and chill in the fridge. By doing this you can make the drink as sweet or tart as you desire. Chowhound also suggests that you can sweeten the lemonade without resorting to sugar. These substitutes would consist of agave, honey, or white grape juice. After experimenting, you will find what method works for keeping you cool until the chill of autumn rescues us.