Trader Joe's Shoppers Aren't Thrilled With Its Quinoa Tortillas

Trader Joe's has had some hits in its private label product line over the years. It doesn't look like Trader Joe's tortillas that are made out of quinoa flour are among them, though, based on the reactions of some outspoken customers.

In the past, there's been a secret sauce that Trader Joe's fans freaked out about, a sparkling lemonade that people became fixated on, and gluten-free empanadas that had Trader Joe's shoppers excited. As the store's website points out, 80% of the products that Trader Joe's carries are its own private label wares. So there are bound to be some misses among the hits. Those unfortunate misfires have included its frozen pho and almond butter cereal, according to some Redditors.

While tortillas made out of quinoa flour aren't a Trader Joe's exclusive, Trader Joe's is the only place where you can get its specific brand. Some Reddit users probably think it's a good thing that these tortillas aren't more widely available.

Redditors reject this quinoa tortilla

Redditors on the r/traderjoes subreddit aren't endorsing these tortillas. User u/puesmami thought the ingredients and price were great but felt the texture was akin to cardboard. User coffeelover709 concurred, saying, "YES. Why are they so stiff and fall apart?" User Individual-Tour8363 stated, "Agree. Blech." So far, there has been no one to chime in on the behalf of the product with an opposing opinion.

That doesn't mean you should take these comments as an indictment of all tortillas made with quinoa flour, however. Mind Over Munch says not only are quinoa flour tortillas gluten-free and vegan but that quinoa is so nutritious and full of protein that it qualifies as a superfood. Healthline has also noted the grain's perceived superfood status. The Tortilla Channel says tortillas made this way add a nutty flavor to meals, too.

Fortunately for these shoppers, the tortillas mentioned by u/puesmami on Reddit aren't the only options at Trader Joe's. As other commenters on the thread state, Trader Joe's also offers almond, corn, and wheat flour tortillas. Actually, u/puesmami says they are sticking to Siete tortillas.