Are Herr's Chips From The Office Real?

If you've seen even one episode of "The Office," you would know that it takes place in Scranton, Pennsylvania (or at least the American version does). The reason for setting the show in Scranton, rather than a larger city like Los Angeles or Boston was in part due to showrunner Greg Daniels' decision to set it in an area that was in close proximity to New York City while still giving the show its own unique character (via Entertainment Weekly). In order to keep the setting of the show as authentic as possible, the producers kept in close contact with Scranton to ensure that nothing would be out of place. This included certain foods and drinks only available in and around Pennsylvania. It would ruin the experience if you saw Jim or Toby eating In-N-Out, wouldn't it?

One particular foodstuff (aside from Kevin's famous chili) that is seen in the many vending machines that line Dunder Mifflin's halls is bags of Herr's Chips. They featured prominently in the episode "Grief Counseling," where Karen ropes the employees into a wild goose chase for a bag of Herr's Salt and Vinegar chips (via YouTube). What was it about those particular chips that made Karen go so crazy for them?

Fortunately, you can find out just what makes Herr's chips so unique — and if you're lucky, you may be able to snag a bag or two to feed your inner Karen without turning your workplace into pandemonium. 

Herr's Chips are located in Nottingham, Pennsylvania

According to Herr's, the story of its chips began back in 1951, when original founder James Herr purchased 37 acres of land in Nottingham, Pennsylvania–just over two hours away from Scranton. Since the first plant opened those 70-odd years ago, Herr's has been producing everything from chips to popcorn to pork rinds all across the Keystone State.

While Karen's desperation to find a bag of salt and vinegar chips was played for laughs, Herr's may actually be one of the first potato chip companies to introduce seasoned chips in the United States. As Fox News reports, Herr's introduced its take on barbecue-flavored potato chips in 1958, long before even Frito-Lay rolled out its own BBQ chips.

Herr's Potato Chips are sold nationwide, allowing "The Office" to stock their vending machines full of one of Pennsylvania's most popular snacks. It's only a shame that Michael didn't take his employees on a tour through the Herr's factory, where, according to Discover Lancaster, guests can tour the facility for free, watch chips and pretzels be made, and even delight in some chips fresh off the production line. Free chips, we're sure, would have been the highlight for Stanley and Kevin.

Fans of "The Office" would also know that Dwight is a descendant of the Pennsylvania Dutch, meaning that Dwight may or may not be privy to some unique secret ingredients and cooking tricks that the Amish use in their recipes.