The Five Guys Customer Who Had Reddit Losing Faith In Humanity

It's the litterbug in the park who throws his empty can in the bushes. It's the woman who cuts ahead of you in line and throws a fit. It's the driver on the highway who'll rear-end another driver for the way they're driving. It's only a handful of the self-absorbed, rude, and selfish people that inhabit every business, every highway, and every public space out there. While these types of people are thankfully outnumbered by decent, polite folks, they're still a nuisance to everyone around them. Whether it's three people ruining a restaurant over paying $1.75 for extra sauce (via NBC New York) or a McDonald's customer turning the drive-thru into a public stage for a tantrum, these customers may be the minority, but they know how to leave an impression.

Another fine example of rude customer behavior took place at a Five Guys restaurant. According to an image posted by u/ChampionshipSevere12 on the subreddit r/FiveGuys, someone had apparently left a mess of peanut shells all over the table for the staff to clean up. Commenters agreed unanimously that such behavior was completely unwarranted. "When I see tables like this it just reminds me that people are really just entitled children," said user u/glheron. "The tray things are in the boxes with the peanuts... how???" wrote another Redditor.

While it's shocking to see how some people can be so sloppy and inconsiderate, one has to wonder: why? What causes grown adults to make messes and throw tantrums in public places?

What drives public meltdowns?

What causes an adult customer to leave trash at their table without making an effort to clean it up? Why do customers have screaming meltdowns over coupons or being told there's no more of a certain product? Conspiracy-minded folks may argue that it's the end result of a purposeful dismantling of social and behavioral standards enacted through the recent lockdowns, while others may argue that it's because there are some people who are simply too spoiled to know the world around them. In a sense, both ideas are correct.

According to Psychology Today, these adult tantrums and odd behaviors are the outcomes of "pandemic fatigue and anxiety." COVID-19 has left many individuals in a state of fear and confusion, somewhat in part by polarizing and sometimes false information parroted on mainstream news and social media. As a million little things all begin to build, people become angrier and more volatile, finding themselves snapping over the tiniest inconvenience.

How, then, can business owners and staff handle these "adult tantrums?' According to Forbes, the best thing a business owner and staff can do when dealing with a hysterical customer is to remain calm, hear the customer out, and then offer a solution. By presenting themselves as sympathetic and understanding, the customer will be willing to calm down and work with them rather than immediately responding with defensive questions.

While there might be reasons for their behavior, it doesn't excuse the rude and selfish actions some customers display.