Jeni's Returning Ice Cream Flavor Is Inspired By A Popular Cake

It's August. For some, that means days are filled with trips to the beach, vacations to the lake, or movie marathons in the air conditioning, but for others, that means that we're smack-dab in the middle of wedding season. According to The Knot, 80% of weddings are held from May through October, with October being the most popular wedding month of all.

One of the best parts of going to a wedding is getting free food. But it's hard to get the food right, even if you're a millionaire. The internet roasted Kourtney Kardashian's wedding food mercilessly, proving that money can't always buy the satisfaction of your guests. That must be why they invented wedding cake. Wedding cake can erase a lot of bad matrimonial moments from a guest's mind, and it's too bad that it's something most people only get to enjoy when actually attending a wedding. But Jeni's Ice Cream seeks to change that, thanks to the return of their seasonal Wedding Cake ice cream flavor (via Facebook).

It's here for a limited time only

In a Facebook post on August 11, Jeni's announced on Facebook that its seasonal Wedding Cake ice cream would be returning to Jeni's scoop shops. It's also available to order online with nationwide shipping and can be ordered through the Jeni's app. According to Jeni's, the flavor features a buttercream ice cream "with an indulgent, icing-like texture." It's swirled throughout with both lemon curd and blackberry jam, and to complete the package, there are chunks of gluten-free yellow cake throughout. It's everything people love about wedding cake, without the hassle of sitting through a meal of dry salmon while wearing a scratchy formal outfit and getting eaten alive by mosquitos.

The flavor received a glowing review from a reporter in Columbus Monthly, a publication from Jeni's hometown. Fans on social media were also eager to rain praise on the flavor. "This flavor is god tier," said one Facebook user. "My favorite Jeni's flavor!!! Must buy a case," said another. A different commenter had an idea to do away with traditional wedding cake altogether, in favor of serving Jeni's. "How do we buy 100 pints of this and freeze it and then serve it at our wedding?" they asked. Fans who are interested in trying the flavor will have a limited time to track a pint down, before wedding season — and Jeni's Wedding Cake season — come to a close again this year.