Everything We Know So Far About Ree Drummond's New Show

The Pioneer Woman has had a long, storied career in food television. Having pivoted from her original path of broadcast journalism, then gerontology, she found her stride in food. Drummond broke into the Food Network scene with a cameo on "Throwdown with Bobby Flay," beating Bobby in a Thanksgiving challenge. It wasn't long after that until "The Pioneer Woman" became even more of a household name, with the show focused on featuring her own home-cooked Southern meals.

But her most recent show is a bit of a pivot from the strictly Southern cooking fans are used to seeing from the chef. Have you ever watched a show and thought the crew must have an indispensable budget? Well, that is precisely the premise Ree Drummond wants to squelch with her new show "Big Bad Budget Battle." Here is what we know so far about the Southern queen's new food scene dedicated to those cooking on a budget.

Drummond is down for a challenge

Fans of "The Pioneer Woman" and "Guy's Grocery Games" will be equally intrigued to see Fieri and Drummond team up for a brand new show, "Big Bad Budget Battle." The two eponymous Food Network names have partnered for a new competition show that challenges home cooks to brainstorm bites on a budget

Ever since Covid put a damper on the economy, wallets have had to get tighter, and as the Chicago Sun-Times reports, Drummond's and Fieri's new show is just what home cooks need to keep the creativity flowing in the kitchen without breaking the bank. "Big Bad Budget Battle" takes place over the course of six episodes, each of which focuses on "three at-home cooks tasked with making meals from a 'small stash of cash' in Flavortown Market." The one who manages to save the most money while providing the most exciting meal for the judges takes home bragging rights and the grand prize of free groceries for a year.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Food Network fans can expect a slew of their favorite celebrity chefs to appear as guest judges on the show, including Eddie Jackson, Darnell Ferguson, and Damaris Phillips. Fieri and Drummond are hoping the show, which premiered on August 9, will serve as inspiration for other home cooks to step up their home cooking game. The "Big Bad Budget Battle" is also streaming on discovery+.