What Happened To Fat Ass Fudge After Shark Tank?

We've seen some of the best foods come out of "Shark Tank." The reality TV competition series sees everyone from the budding entrepreneur looking for their big break to the well-established businessperson looking to take their brand to new heights. However, it's not easy to impress the show's investors and win a deal.

Fat Ass Fudge and its founder, Donna McCue, appeared on "Shark Tank" back in 2012; McCue sought a $250,000 investment for a 5% stake in her company. The brand differed from traditional fudge brands in that its fudge was gluten-free and lactose-free.

McCue wowed the judges with her exciting personality, but she couldn't get them on board enough to make a deal. All of the judges eventually pulled out of the discussion, leaving Fat Ass Fudge with no offers. Ultimately, McCue left, saying on her way out, "Unlike you, fudge never disappoints." It's been 10 years since McCue graced the investor tank, but where is her brand today?

Fat Ass Fudge was purchased by Chocology Unlimited

"Shark Tank" has introduced fans to everything from good food to kitchen tools, and Fat Ass Fudge is no exception. After some social media investigation, it looks like Fat Ass Fudge still has a presence. Based on the brand's Instagram, it's sold through a website called Chocology Unlimited, as well as through Chocology's brick-and-mortar location in Stony Brook, New York. However, it does not look like Donna McCue is the owner of the Chocology brand.

According to its website, Chocology was founded in 2014 by Linda Johnson, along with her husband and daughter. And upon further investigation, it looks like Johnson purchased the Fat Ass Fudge brand back in 2014. "Chocology was proud to announce in October of last year [2014], the acquisition of Fat Ass Fudge, originally founded by the brilliant Donna McCue of East Hampton, NY," Chocology said in a press release, according to Shark Tank Success

Since then, Johnson has run the company. And according to McCue's LinkedIn, it doesn't look like she is affiliated with Fat Ass Fudge anymore at all.

Linda Johnson has taken Fat Ass Fudge to new heights

After acquiring the brand, Linda Johnson got to work on growing it. Johnson wrote to Shark Tank Success in 2015 to discuss how far the brand has come under its new ownership. Johnson has added two new flavors to the mix, s'mores and cappuccino, telling Shark Tank Success, "We've kept the same delicious Fat Ass recipe but enhanced the culinary experience with our Art Of Tasting Mindfully card," which explains how to eat the fudge to indulge in its full flavor profile.

Chocology has also partnered with various charities to raise money and brand awareness. Johnson also attended the Sprout Pharmaceutical National Sales Conference, where she spoke alongside other "Shark Tank" entrepreneurs and Daymond John. She told Shark Tank Success that she is "honored" to be considered a part of the "Shark Tank" community. 

As of 2022, Fat Ass Fudge is still up and running, with eight fudge varieties now available on the Chocology Unlimited website.