Brooklyn Beckham Called Himself A 'Chef' And TikTok Has Thoughts

Fame-wise, Brooklyn Beckham is hot on the heels of his parents, former footballer David and Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, both of whom are current fashion and luxury icons. Brooklyn's star is on the rise, however. His recent nuptials to actress and billionaire heiress Nicola Peltz made international headlines, as have recent rumors that his bride doesn't exactly jibe with his celebrity mum.

Although Beckham was obviously born with a diamond-encrusted silver spoon in his mouth, the guy is apparently legitimately sweet and a hard worker, by most reports. Recently, TikToker Daniel Mac flagged down the driver of a MacLaren P1, which he notes in his video is worth $1.2 million and is one of only 375 in the world. Gushing over the car, it took Mac a hot second to realize who was behind the wheel. "100% did not recognize him at first," Mac explains in the comments.

During the interaction, Mac calls the car "awesome," and then asks the eldest Beckham son what he does for a living. To that, Beckham replied that he's a chef, and advised people to "just follow your passion." Cue the sarcastic people of TikTok, who had plenty to say about how that car was really funded.

Brooklyn's career as a chef, so far

It's unlikely that the ultra-luxe MacLaren was funded by any of Brooklyn Beckham's career endeavors, which in the past have included fashion photography and professional soccer. Although he hasn't actually attended any sort of culinary school, he does have quite a following on social media, which made his Facebook Messenger show "Cookin' With Brooklyn" something of a hit, per Distractify. Reportedly, he became interested in cooking during COVID-19 lockdown, and has decided to run with that ball, so to speak.

Even though his eight-episode series has done pretty well, viewer-wise, Daniel Mac's fans stop way short of referring to Beckham as an actual chef, inferring that he paid for the car the good old-fashioned way — through his trust fund. "What do you do for a living," comments one person, who then answers their own question from Beckham's point of view, "I was born." Says another person, "Never trained or worked in a kitchen but he's a 'chef," adding, "Guess that makes me a sommelier cause I drink wine and comment on the taste."

However, others were quick to defend the young Beckham, noting that he "seems really sweet." Another one pointed out that he "Never mentioned who his dad was," and is something of a, "legend for being so humble." Whether Beckham sticks with this career choice long-term or opts for something else, one thing is clear — people will be paying attention. Star power has a way like that.