The Important Reason Ben & Jerry's Is Teaming Up With Tony's Chocolonely

Forrest Gump might not have known which chocolate he would eat in that infamous box, but consumers are craving more information about the foods they eat. Terms like fair-trade, eco-friendly, and various other labels can entice one purchase over another. And while many people savor a piece of chocolate as a sweet indulgence, the treat's journey to the shelf may not be quite as scrumptious.

According to, cacao bean farmers can employ child labor to meet minuscule margins for harvesting their crop. But unlike with other industries, the stories of child labor flavoring the cacao industry aren't necessarily as well-known. That's why Ben & Jerry and Tony's Chocolonely want to unwrap a conversation on how that chocolate comes to be.

Tony's Chocolonely has made its mission to educate consumers and free chocolate from inhumane farming practices. Through its five sourcing principles, the hope is to empower farmers and create a more sustainable cocoa chain. And with its partnership with Ben & Jerry's, the two brands are hoping to create meaningful change one scoop at a time.

Ready to fall in love with a Chocolatey Love A-Fair?

For some people, a scoop of a chocolate ice cream or a luscious chocolate bar can make them swoon. With the newest collaboration between Ben & Jerry's and Tony's Chocolonely, the frozen desserts and the candy bar are more than just a sweet treat. The companies want make a positive change in the cacao industry.

Both Ben & Jerry's and Tony's Chocolonely have woven social issues into their company missions. For Tony's Chocolonely, the company looks to focus on a socially responsible cacao farming system. At Ben & Jerry's, the ice cream company has several cultural issues that it seeks to address. With this partnership, the idea is to foster a bigger change by bringing together two social justice companies. 

As part of the collaboration, Ben & Jerry's will offer Chocolatey Love A-Fair, a chocolate ice cream swirled with caramel notes, which was inspired by Tony's milk caramel sea salt bar. In addition, Tony's Chocolate Love A-Fair bars are inspired by classic Ben & Jerry's ice cream offerings. Both new treats will be available in 2023.