The Popeyes Family Meal Rules Employees Wish You'd Follow

Popeyes chicken is an institution. Though it has only been around since Al Copeland founded it in 1972, it's become required eating for any true chicken enthusiast. It's the juggernaut that threatens to unseat KFC at every turn, even though its menu has changed significantly since it first started. Eater declares Popeyes to be among the best choices of fast food fried chicken and wonderful as it may be, sometimes the customers create a stir. 

Any Popeyes devotee has had the experience of being stuck in line behind someone who hasn't quite mastered the Popeyes spirit. Not everyone is aware they are dining at one of the best fast food poultry eateries around. This is why Popeyes employees and customers have taken to social media to offer up the best rules to follow for anyone who loves that chicken. By doing these things, you ensure that you're going to get the best batch of chicken with the least amount of trouble. Each is a must to know before you eat at Popeyes again.

The social media advice bonanza started when one Redditor wanted to order a Popeyes family meal, the Bigger Family Feast to be exact, but didn't want to annoy the employees. The poster also wanted to ensure they got a fresh order, so they asked how to order a big meal without causing trouble. This led to some savvy advice about rules to follow when ordering at the Louisiana kitchen.

Here's what to know before you order a family meal

The Reddit thread offered up some helpful hints for those looking to order big from Popeyes and one suggested rule to follow is simply to order ahead. "I'd call the store about 30 minutes ahead of time that way they can have the time to cook it and have it ready," suggested one patron. While this isn't a bad idea another commenter replied, "When I worked there we never picked up the phone." Thus, you might want to order online. 

However, there are numerous comments in agreement that "Whatever you do just don't go thru the drive thru," with one user seemingly shouting for emphasis "GET OUT OF YOUR CAR AND GO INSIDE THE RESTAURANT. I cannot stress this enough." If you fail to pre-order your chicken, make sure you at least go inside to order.

Another suggestion you might want to adhere to — consider a smaller order. While a refrigerator full of Popeyes delicious chicken seems like heaven, it might be more food than you need. One Redditor said, "Don't do it man I ordered one of those family meals and I've been eating chicken for 3 days now."